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Main address from 2015: Shelley Ann Vernon, Teaching English Games, 40, Route des Aresquiers, 34110, Vic-la-Gardiole, France.  

 Yes please email me the Preschool Language Games for Children Aged 3-5 and bonuses.  The course will be sent within 24 hours of receiving your order by electronic download.  Price: 39.95 USD or 29.97 euros

  YES / NO    Please also email me stories 11 to 20, ten stories in sequel to the first ten in the above resource.  Price 27 USD or 19.97 euros. (29 euros when bought separately)

  YES / NO    Please POST me the Teaching English Songs CD 1 with 16 songs to go with stories 1 to 10.  Included:  activity sheets for each song (download).  Price 23 USD or 16 euros. (Includes shipping and handling). 

  YES / NO    Please POST me the Teaching English Songs CD 2 with 15 songs to go with stories 11 to 20.   Price 22 USD or 15 euros. (Includes shipping and handling). Normally 23 USD or 16 euros when ordered separately.

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