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02 May Shelley Vernon No Comments

Here are ideas for using films in the classroom so students can see English applied in real-life situations. When playing a video, you do not want the students just sitting around like vegetables. You must integrate the students into the lesson. They always learn better when actively engaged in the process and not spoon-fed. Get the students to do the work.


Pre-Class Task


  • Ask students to each find a movie trailer and come up with three questions about the trailer.

The first question must be a language question, such as what does the man say before he pulls out his weapon?

The second question is an observational one, like what color is the dress, what kind of dessert did the couple share?

The third question is about the film, who is the main star and costar, where does the film take place, or what is the name of the movie?


In Class

  • Make teams. First, show the questions.
  • Next show the trailer once or twice.
  • Then total up points after checking answers for both teams.
  • Move on to the next trailer.


  • The trailer should be no more than a minute. Usually, trailers are three minutes long, show only the first minute and the questions have to be answered from the content in that first minute.
  • If you use all three minutes of the trailer, have three students prepare nine questions for it.
  • If you find a film that is a hit among the class, you might use bigger chunks of the film for a future lesson.


Most of all, do not spend your precious time looking at movie trailers to try to satisfy your students. Let the students do the work, and you guide them.

Check my games books for lots more ideas! Primary school and Teen / Adult activities.

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