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large class of asian children learning English in preschool

Question: I am using your materials and games and they are helping. I am teaching in China and my classes have more than 20 students in them. What are the best games for that large of a class? How could I modify some of the games so there is less waiting time and it can be more productive for...

25 Nov Shelley Vernon No Comments
disruptive boy throwing paper in classroom

Dear Teachers,

How do you stay sane when one of your pupils is disrupting the class and refuses to cooperate?

Here's Renate, teaching in Spain: "There is a child in one of my groups who makes teaching especially challenging. He never sits still, even...

09 May Shelley Vernon 7 Comments
cartoon of hands waving to represent a wave done by a crowd of children

*Dear Teacher,

Silently, effortlessly re-gain everyone's attention with this tip

Introduce this idea early on in the school year and use it when the class become noisy or too excited. Start a wave, or any action, like a bird flying, or just swaying your arms from...

27 Feb Shelley Vernon 2 Comments

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