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child doing homework alone

A Finnish study* found that children were better at homework when left to do it alone. Over-assisting your pupil or child may be detrimental. It's like walking with a crutch, even when your leg is healed. Your leg muscles won't develop!

Help your pupils or child by...

23 May Shelley Vernon No Comments

I had a new private student 1-2-1 last weekend and I used your materials, but I couldn’t really get him to memorize or learn the material. I know the problem is on my end, because your materials are really great. I just need some help implementing them. I’m a new teacher, so any...

01 Jan Shelley Vernon 3 Comments
child getting tied up with pronunciation

An English teacher in France asked me how to improve her pronunciation, wondering if she would ever sound like a native. Here’s my reply:

Good pronunciation is important for clear spoken communication but you don’t need to speak English like a native. After all what is...

13 Oct Shelley Vernon No Comments

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