What should I do in my first English lesson with new students?

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11 Mar Shelley Vernon No Comments

When you start with a new student you never know what you are going to get. It's pointless preparing a lesson really since you won't know the real level of the student until you meet them. The student might have told you that they have been studying English for seven years, but that doesn't tell you much. Some people know virtually nothing after seven years of English lessons!


I therefore recommend giving students a language test in the first lesson. You'll have concrete evidence of what they know. You can find free tests online. Here are three links but if you search yourself, you'll find more. Copy and paste the links to go through to the page:





If you have new students join your existing group, the golden rule is not to hold up the students already attending. Likewise, if a student misses a lesson, don't go back over old ground and hold back those who were there. When the new student joins the group, give them a language test to do quietly, while you teach your regulars something new. Then, in the second part of the lesson, you could ask the students to find out all about each other with interviews. Work in pairs, find out as much as you can and then present the other student to the class. This might mean that one of the students will interview and present you. This is quite a nice thing to do in the first lesson. Also, this type of multi-level activity allows more advanced students to use more language and those with less ability can stick to questions at their level.


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