A cute way to introduce the English only classroom to preschool children

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10 May Shelley Vernon No Comments

Some teachers are concerned that they will alienate their students if they only speak English during lessons. To prevent this a certain amount of tact is required. For example, here is a cute way of introducing 'English-only' in the classroom.


Thanks to Esther Cannard for sharing this trick, which may help other non-native English teachers at the beginning of all English classes, and any teachers wanting to install an English-only teaching environment


"I pretend to receive a phone call from my sister Betsy who lives in the United States. I excuse myself then go outside, but I keep the door open. At this point, you can say some things like "Hi Betsy, how are you? That's good. I am in a class right now. I will talk to you later. Love you, bye." Then when I come back into the classroom, I am only able to speak English until my sister calls me back at the end of the lesson. The first time I did this I acted surprised that I could not speak French anymore. I even started to speak English really fast as if to be out of control, but then I settle down and say to the class, "boy I really hope Betsy remembers to call me back.""


It really works well even with the older children, they think it fun, and if I don't do the phone call, they will ask. The younger ones really believed it at the beginning and were wondering what would happen if my sister forgot to call me back at the end of the lesson or if the battery died. You could see the looks on the students' faces as if to say 'would I be speaking English all day long?'


Feel free to share the post with your teaching friends and give us your ideas in the comments below.


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Shelley Ann Vernon

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