This English teacher feels some students cannot learn a foreign language

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18 Apr Shelley Vernon No Comments

"Often and to be honest sometimes I wonder if learning another language is for everyone," says this despondent teacher.


For sure, we all have different natural talents, some are better at numbers, some at painting, some at words. But think about it, everyone learns to speak their own language, so the human brain can do it. It's just that some people aren't motivated enough to make the effort. But, special learning difficulties aside, everyone CAN learn a language...IF they want to.


If you have some students who don't care about learning English, you can't really help them. Concentrate on the others and get as many as you can along their path.


Despite those students who you seem to be leaving by the wayside, don't despair! A teacher's role is never just about the subject being taught. A teacher has the opportunity to influence lives and inspire. Seemingly small things learned in a random lesson in school can stay with people for life, and change them. Here are some examples, and I'm sure you can think of many more cool things you can impart to your students other than the English language.


role model graphicInteresting content aside from English language, quizzes, debates, facts, ideas.

Presenting in front of others, confidence speaking in public.

Learning discussion in groups - listening to others, diplomacy when disagreement occurs, thinking.

Respect for others, being on time, being polite to classmates, writing legibly, teamwork, group work.

Studying autonomously with home assignments or group work, learning to work to deadlines and organize your time.

Being creative, inventing stories, thinking of original ideas, taking photographs to talk about in class, working with music, with art, with poems.

Encouraging and believing in your students. Pushing them beyond what they know today.

Being a mentor, after lessons, in the playground, creating a bond, even if the student is weak in English, and showing students you care about them.

Teaching is never just about English. That's why it's such a vocation and is so demanding. It's not the easy option!

What else can a teacher impart? Let's hear your ideas in the comments below, be bold! We'd love to hear from you.

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