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15 Oct Shelley Vernon 1 Comment

Kids are usually fascinated by animals. Maybe it's because they look so cute...but it's no coincidence that lots of kids toys are stuffed animals.

So many course books for young beginners learning English start with "Talking about myself" and the alphabet. "What's your name" is a mouthful for a 6-year-old beginner. The alphabet is abstract and unexciting. But you might find you get your pupils' attention with a safari park of stuffed toys! Through teaching animal vocabulary children can learn their first syllables in English. Develop with:

What are their names?
How old are they?
What colour are they?
How many are there?
Are they big or small?
What do they like to eat?
Where do they live?

With preschool children

Play listening games to introduce animal vocabulary. (See preschool games book for ideas, for sale here). Play miming games using sounds and actions. Play guessing games. Pay musical games where kids mime the animal you name when you stop the music. Hide animals about the classroom. Children search and touch the one you name. Sort animals into groups of colours, sizes, those that eat grass, those that eat other animals, those that live in the cold, those that live in the heat...those that are pets, those that are dangerous. Have an animal tea party. Or make a library scene.

stuffed animal toys in a library

For older children

Teach adjectives with animals and play Find the Pairs Memory Games in small groups with animals and adjectives. (It's a big brown bear. It's a long thin snake.) Do an animal quiz. Team one have 30 seconds to describe an animal to team two, (or mime it for beginners). Team two try to name the animal. If team two is successful, both teams get a point.


There's a cute animal skit in my book of plays and skits for children.


And see this blog for more ideas on animals and making a giant safari park



Ernesto in Cuba is doing this and he says: It's very helpful and inspirating. I'm doing that myself with my grandaughter. Thanks a lot.

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