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teach english online with this story about marmots
02 Apr Shelley Vernon 1 Comment

Are you teaching from home, using an online platform? Are you sending work to children to do at home? If so, try this story, with quiz and worksheets.

From my series of fun stories for children, check out Groundhog Day. This story is fun for all kids. The quiz and worksheets are mostly for kids aged 6-12.

Please feel free to use this on your online platform, or send it to your pupils to do from home. Enjoy this free gift. If you like it, there are plenty more!

worksheet to teach English online

Groundhog Day Story Movie for Daily Routine


Groundhog Day Story Quiz and Fun Worksheets



To get more like this order full set of worksheets here:


If you need help, just ask! Let me know how old your pupils are so I can help you better. Shelley: info@teachingenglishgames.com


Vocabulary and Grammar in this story


Family members (revised from previous stories in series)


Daily Routine Verbs: wake up, get up, eat breakfast, wash your face, brush your teeth



Groundhog (US) or marmot (UK)

Concepts: Groundhog Day, Hibernation and the end of winter

Verb Tense: Simple Past

The main verbs to be taught have flashcards. In addition, there are many verbs in the simple past: laughed, sang, came, shouted, threw, made, ate, washed, brushed, asked, went, looked, thought, saw, was, cried, ran.

All the best,

Shelley Ann Vernon

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I like It to send activities sn videos to my children

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