ESL skit for first and second conditionals - I'm bored!

28 Jul Shelley Vernon 6 Comments

*Hello ESL English teachers,


Happy summer holidays for many of you!


Here's a skit from my new book of ESL skits for teens. This skit drills first and second conditionals. Use it with any group size from one to fifteen teens. If you have a student one on one, just alternate lines.


Teens walking together, one kicks a tin, another turns in circles a couple of times. All obviously bored.


Group 1


Teen: What do you want to do today?
Teen: I don’t know, what do you want to do?
Teen: If it was hot we could go swimming.
Teen: But it’s not.
Teen: This place is so boring!
Teen: I’m so bored.

Kicks the tin again. They go to a corner of the stage and hang out chatting, hands in pockets, looking bored. As they head across the stage a second group comes on talking…


Group 2


Teen: So, what do you want to do?
Teen: I don’t know, what do you want to do?
Teen: If we had our bikes we could go cycling.
Teen: But we don’t.
Teen: There’s nothing to do!
Teen: I’m so bored.

Group 3 come on while group 2 go over to the side of the stage, where they mooch, hands in pockets, slumping against the wall.


Group 3


Teen: So, what do you want to do?
Teen: I don’t know, what do you want to do?
Teen: If we had a ball we could play soccer.
Teen: But we don’t.
Teen: It’s so boring!
Teen: I’m so bored.

Starts walking around in circles. Groups 1 comes center stage:


Group 1


Teen: So, what do you want to do?
Teen: I don’t know, what do you want to do?
Teen: If we had a ride we could go to the comic shop.
Teen: But we don’t.
Teens: It’s so boring. There’s nothing to do.

Groups 2 and 3 join the rest in the center, saying:


Group 2 Teen: I’m so bored.
Teen: If I hadn’t lost my key we could watch TV at home.
Teens: But you have.


Group 3


Teen: So, what do you want to do?
Teen: I don’t know, what do you want to do?

An adult, who knows the kids, comes on and walks past the kids while they are talking.

Teen: If we had money we could go to the movies.
Teen: But we don’t.
The adult walking past stops to talk to them.
Adult: Hi ________. (name of teen) Hi ________. Hi kids.
Teens: Hello Mr. / Mrs. _______. (name of the adult)
Adult: If you want some money, you could earn it.


Groups 1,2 and 3


Teens: How?
Adult: If you babysit my kids I’ll give you some money.
Teen: I’ll babysit for you!
S/he goes off with the adult.
Teen: If I wash my dad’s car, he’ll pay me.
S/he runs off.
Teen: If I weed my uncle’s garden, he’ll pay me.
S/he runs off
Teen: If I help my mom iron, she’ll pay me.
Teen: If I paint my neighbour’s fence, he’ll pay me.
Each teen says a line with a job, as above. The teen then runs to a corner of the stage and mimes doing the job. All teens are now scattered over the stage, each miming their task. After a moment they all meet again in the center of the stage. They show each other the money they have earned.


Teen: Wow. Now we all have money.
Teen: We could go to the movies!
Teen: We could buy some comics!
Teen: We could go to the pool!
Teen: We could buy a football!
Teen: I could repair my bike!
Teen: We could get some pizzas.
Teen: We could make a picnic and take it to the river.
Teen: We could take our tents.
Teen: And make a campfire!
Teen: There’s so much to do!
Teen: And so little time to do it!

They high-five each other, join hands and take a bow.


book cover for esl plays and skits for teensPS I have written a book of skits for teens. Both my books of skits are available from me in instant PDF format, and I think this is the best format for this resource, since it's easy for you to print off what you need. BUT, if you prefer, both books are also in paperback on Amazon, (on lots of Amazon sites) and in Kindle.




book cover for fun esl role-plays and skits for childrenI can't encourage you enough to try this method with your pupils. If you are teaching kids between 6 and 12, then try my plays and skits, or others you may find, and give your pupils the chance to learn English creatively and work on their confidence and fluency with speaking skills.


All the best, Shelley Ann Vernon, Teaching English Games


I can hardly wait for your book with Skits for Teens to come out!
Dear Jennifer, Thanks for your comment - I'll keep you posted when it's ready. All the best Shelley
I am looking forward to using this skit with my high school and middle school ESLs. Thank you!
Dear Kathy, My pleasure - I hope it goes well - do let me know, and email me anytime if you have questions. All the best Shelley PS Happy hols in the meantime, no hurry to get back into class!
I can't wait to use these with my ESL students. It will be a fun way to engage them and get them out of their seats.
Hi Shelley! Its looking great! Will keep an eye out.

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