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A clear understanding of how to teach pre-school kids


I totally recommend this book and I have been so happy and stress-free since I bought it. It gave me a clear understanding of how to teach pre-school kids. I am a new ESL teacher who was "freaking out" before reading it. Now I am a happy teacher looking forward to my lessons with my pupils. I will keep this book forever with me and it is my number 1 resource. I am just a little bit sad that I didn’t discover it earlier, it would have made my first months so more enjoyable and relaxed. I like the structure and the extra advice inside, contrary to other books, you don’t spend a lot of time thinking over the activities as it presents them so clearly. It improved my planning time and the quality of my lessons. I am now a happy customer, I also bought other resources from the author and they are really great. I love the stories and the fact that they come with clear lesson plans and resources already made, just have to press print. I prefer to laminate mine. Thank you so much for creating such fantastic resources.


Jessica Duguet Souber-Broglio, France, Oct 2017


Instant success!


I had my first class this morning and it went really, really well! The kids didn't answer me but they played all the games perfectly, loved the song and the story. I think I can say the lesson was a hit as they didn't want to leave!!




Carrie Harvey, Dax, France, 2018 (carrieharvey.com)



Making a difference


First, let me thank you for the wonderful stories and activities for the little ones! I have very little experience teaching 3-4 year olds, and your stories have made a big difference in my classroom. Thank-you so much!


Geri Snow, Canada



It has been a breeze


I have been working with your materials for Pre-School children since last February and it has been a breeze! I am working on a new project here in Austria called "Englisch im Kindergarten". The kindergarten teachers love your materials and particularly like the way in which each story/theme links to the next.



When the 6 year olds moved up to Primary School last September, the teachers were amazed at how much English the children already knew - so it must be working!





My classes work so well


The stories are fantastic, the games are great and the plays are wonderful !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for making my classes work so well.


Lisa Brownwell in Spain - the second person ever to buy my first book - thank you Lisa!



Words cannot convey the depth of my appreciation


Thank you for all your help. By using the techniques you have kindly mentioned in your web site, I feel LOVE, HONOR and PLEASURE about being a teacher. My students are more active now and we all enjoy learning. Words cannot convey the depth of my appreciation.


Yours sincerely Ildikó Gaspar, Hungary



It takes a lot of stress off us to have this easy, workable material available


Thumbs up to you for providing an for those of us teaching preschoolers as easy to access and workable program. It takes a lot of stress off us to have this material available.



The funny thing is I really didn't want to do this original playgroup at all, but the mother's kept at me until I finally relented, and now I enjoy it a lot. It is very rewarding for me to have the children greet me enthusiastically when I come, cuddle and hug me, sit on my lap and enjoy themselves so much during this 1.5 hour lesson.



Mary Catherine Aschauer-Daer, Cambridge University Examiner



Enthusiastic students


I'm just writing to you just to thank you for your great ideas when developing these great games! They are really amusing and interesting. My students get very enthusiastic when playing them and I do as well !!!


Marcela Elias, Neuquen, Argentina



Cut your prep time, have fun and motivate!


I really love all your games, plays and tips for teaching English - it really has cut my prep time in half as well as adding a lot of fun and motivation. Thanks.


Jacqui Bassett, France



Helpful for a Speech Language Therapist


I work with children with Speech and Languagedelays and your books just hit the mark, short sentences, lots of repetition & good clear language targets. And the illustrations are engaging and clear but not too busy. I must say they are great!


Jaki Sexton, Speech Language Therapist, New Zealand



Superb Materials that really work


I would like to say thank you very very much for all the superb materials you sent me!!!!! I put them into practice and what I can say is that they really really work!!!!!!!!!! I could see how these games move everbody. The smart children are very fond of them. But in the same time the slower students and even those with learning difficulties are so enthusiastic. Each time I enter the class they ask" Are we going to play that game..?"


Before, I noticed some of my students were really affraid to speak. Now they speak freely and this is an excellent result!!!!!!!!!


There was a time when I was upset because some of my students were quiet but not really paying attention.Their thoughts were somewhere else. But now they just learn everything and don't struggle to learn everything. Thank you very much for your time and effort to compose all these wonderful games and stories and all the resources.



Ileana Bors, teaching ages 3 and upwards in Romania



Chris's Story: From desperation at 3 a.m. to being excited about his teaching future!


Hi - having been out of teaching for 5 years and having never taught pre-school before I had just agreed to 12 hours of classes aged 1.5 to 6 per week in a private nursery school in Hanoi. Last night I was desperate and convinced I could not prepare anything satisfactory for these classes every week - I was ready to quit after only 2 days.



I set the alarm for 3.30 am this morning as a last attempt to come up with something for classes today, searching the internet in vain until I came up with your site. I used the intro lesson plan you emailed me this a.m. and it was not only a revelation to me but also to the VN teaching assistants who said how much they and the children had enjoyed the lesson.



Needless to say I am now excited about my teaching future and looking fwd to receiving and using more of your excellent materials.



Chris Kibble, Hanoi, Vietnam



Enjoyment and results!


I have been enjoying the Fun Games and Stories I bought in August. My students love the stories with dialogue, especially story number 1. They now tell me everyday that they are"Fine, thanks, but I'm hungry and I'm going to eat you!!" I was suprised at this long sentence coming out of the mouths of very limited speakers! And they thought of it themselves during our circle time!


Anne Barnard, teaching and researching in the US.



Her classes are becoming more and more popular


Your materials are great. After I bought stories 1 to 20 with text and lesson plans for each story more and more kids want to attend my lessons. With the help of your materials I make my small kids speak English as if it's their native language. Thanks a lot for what you are doing and for your excellent service!


Katei Ekaterina Denisova, Russia.



Students love the games and the teacher is now "cool"!


First, I want to thank you for your wonderful program. I have been using the preschool 3-5 program adapted for a single student and we both love it. I feel safe and confident teaching in an area new to me (beginner EFL for preschoolers).



He really gets a kick out of the songs and games. He asks for "Funky Monkey" every week, and during "Let me sing you a story," he sits with his eyes closed and his hands and legs in yoga pose. It is very cute! I actually just recommended your site to the other EFL teachers in a course I am taking.



Eleanore Gann, teaching in Israel



The teachers' busy lives are made easier


Please know that all your excellent resources are very much appreciated - by us, the teachers and the pupils. We love that the flashcards are not all the same, but different types for the different stories. The children are in eager expectation of what the next card will be!



And the instructions and lesson plans just make our lives as busy teachers so much easier, while still keeping the lessons interesting and, above all, FUN for the pupils. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.



Val Miller, Spain



This English teacher finds the resources creative


I've been kept awake til 2 am night after night since I got the materials. Never ever have I met (term used loosely) anyone that creative. I am so grateful that I've come across your site. It's another dimension altogether. Thank you.


Dragica Jordanoska



She had never taught 5 year olds before and now they are all loving it


Your back up service with tips and add-on's is superb. My partner (Spanish), is a teacher of English here is Spain and we were so taken with your methods and the free story that we ordered the rest as soon as we were able. She has never taught 5 year olds before and was somewhat dubious as to how to start. Her students, (including a group of 8 year olds), are loving it all, and so is she!



So as her assistant, now making masks for them to wear whilst the stories are being told and the like, we would like to say thank you so much for your excellent systems of teaching and of course the stories that accompany them. With out sincere thanks, Techu.



Graham George and Techu, Spain



The teachers find the curriculum very well organized and easy to use


I wanted to tell you how much the kids love this curriculum. The teachers find is very well organized and easy to use. It has been such a blessing to our bi-lingual English/Khmer school. Thank you for all your work.


Tabi Gates, Cambodia



Children feel proud


The kids love the stories, and I love it when I see how proud they feel when they recognize the words in the stories. It makes teaching a lot of fun.


Paulien Loenen



I thought it was going to be impossible to teach ALL the prepositions from the Easter story


Just wanted to say that since I started using your material and ideas 3 or 4 years ago, the kids who started with me with stories 1-10 are now really enjoying stories 21-30, especially (and I have to admit, to my surprise!) the songs.



I teach stories 21-30 in a slightly different order due to the seasonal content, but although it is still very much summer here, the kids loved the groundhog story, and ADORE the song!



This morning even the 7-8 year olds were hopping round like bunnies to the easter bunny song. A week or so ago I thought it was going to be impossible to teach them ALL the prepositions from the Easter story, but they really know most of them already.



Inge Willems, Ingles Brincando, Brazil



They can't get enough. Even the shyest children are shouting out when it's there turn


You truly are amazing! What can I say, the children just LOVE "Hetty and the Lion". I thought they would be too young for it, but they really enjoyed it. I made a few adjustments to some of the games and they can't get enough of them.  Even the shyest of the children are shouting out "apple" or "orange" when it's their turn.



The pictures are beautiful and it was just too cute for words watching their little faces absolutely horrified at the lion gobbling everything up!



Nicole de Broglio, France

I have all your stories, they are great.

I was checking your web after long time and I saw your last story "The weather". I have all your series except this one. I think I will order it. I love all your stories, there are great. Also I notice you have everything in powerpoint that it is better for this generation, more atractive, interesting.


Jeannette Pudilova, Prague, Czech Republic