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child with sight word flashcard

I'm having trouble teaching sight words to my first graders. If you could share some ideas on how to teach sight words in English, I would be grateful.

Hello there,

If you are having trouble teaching sight words, then you are probably trying to teach too many at one...

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Hello there, thanks for visiting this blog on teaching phonemes to kindergarten children.

If you are being asked to teach reading and writing to preschool kids then it's useful to start with sounds, or phonemes. Teaching phonemic script to preschoolers would be a bit of an overkill,...

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Green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss, published in 1960, this book has sold over 8-million copies worldwide.

Written for beginner native speakers, it’s ideal for ESL too, with common nouns and memorable rhyming text. « Do you like green eggs and ham ? « says Sam-I-am?...

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