Teaching English Games

by Shelley Ann Vernon

Teaching English Games

by Shelley Ann Vernon

Make your job easier, more fun AND motivate your students

preschool kids
Preschool Children

Keep children’s attention, increase span and listening skills

Primary School

Children’s imagination and understanding of the world

teens learning in a group
Teens and Adults

Language ability and appreciation of literature

esl tutoring parents and child
ESL Tutoring

Stories Games and Songs, the acknowledged and documented BEST resources

Fun teaching resources for all ages

Books of ESL Games
ESL Stories
Happy Clients

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About Shelley

I’m Shelley Ann Vernon and I specialize in teaching English as a second or foreign language through English games, short stories, songs, plays and more. I have already helped over 15,000 teachers take the stress out of teaching and put the fun back in. Now I’d like to help you too. I am here to offer you personal support to get the best out of my resources. And every email is answered.

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Are you new to ESL, switching age groups or looking to motivate your pupils? Make your ESL teaching easier and more fun with my games, stories and lesson plans. Please visit my contact page to get free samples.