ESL Charities

Teaching English Games has had the pleasure of helping many charities. Some are listed below.

Volunteers Initiative Nepal

I was grateful to be able to sponsor Amrita Koirala. Amrita is a good student (or so her teachers assure me!) and she wants to become a social worker, at least at the moment, because she enjoys helping people.  I hope she will have a happy, joyful life and feel loved.  VIN are a small organisation which takes great care with donations.  Therefore I can recommend them if you would also like to sponsor a child, or partially sponsor one.

Mkombozi Center, Tanzania.

Amani Masuki reports back to me after using resources donated by Teaching English Games:

“For my experience, street children cannot sit down for 40 minutes and concentrate on the text books or on the blackboard or listening to the teacher, because their life on the street mostly is to roam here and there almost whole day. 

But after trying your games we found that the children like them very much as they keep them fun and enjoying the whole 40 minutes and demanding to continue beyond the time set.

The children were enthusiastic and motivated to participate fully. After the session I asked them how they felt about the games. They said, “Really great.” 

Teachers form other classes also shared with me what had happen in their classes. They appreciate your games and said that you deserve congratulations.”

Idukay, Peru

An enourmous thankyou from the team here at IdukayPeru, and from all the kids for your gift. I think that your games will not only be useful for teaching English, but for many other subjects in Spanish too with a bit of adapting!  Ellen Casey.


We have made donations to Avaaz who organise petitions for good causes online. Millions sign them around the world so that we, the people, can create the change we want for a better world that our leaders are not capable of.

FSA Association, Romania

Family Services Association [FSA] is a non-profit organization in Bucharest, Romania consisting of individuals and families who have devoted their lives and full time to serving those in need. We are involved in a number of social, educational and humanitarian projects and are committed to making the world a better and happier place. FSA collaborates with volunteers from other volunteer organizations and/or with other civic minded citizens whose volunteer efforts make the success of these projects possible. Please feel free to visit our site. Thank You.
Brian Prentice, President

Tibetan Children’s Village School.

Thank you so much! It means a lot. I have worked in the school for 26 years as an English teacher and recently became a teacher trainer. Thank you again!

Yeshi Dolkar, Teacher Trainer, Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore.

Community projects in Thailand.

An English learning center that’s free for children and adults in the area and it also sends volunteers out to governments schools.

“Thank you very much for  donating your book for our school, we all very happy.  I have found your 176 Language Games for Children very useful. It helps my prepare my classes with a lot less time and some of the activities have worked really well.”

Jamie Phillips, Volunteer at Isara Foundation, Nong Khai, Thailand.