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Hello there,

Welcome to this page for reviews.  You’ll find links to 100% genuine reviews for my resources, for Teaching English Games and for on this page. In truth, I have so many amazing reviews that I don’t need to make them up!

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On Amazon you’ll find hundreds of reviews for my books. There are more reviews on but all the amazons have some. Here is my author page.

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Amazon book reviews

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There are some reviews on Trust Pilot, but I stopped my subscription to their review collecting process because it costs a fortune. (About £2000 per year!)

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On my website, on the links below, you’ll find reviews for specific age groups

If you are a teacher using any of my resources please feel free to comment in the box below. I would love to hear from you. Your email is kept confidential, only your name and comment is public.

Preschool: Reviews for my preschool games, stories and songs

Primary: Reviews for my games and stories for primary school age children.

Teen and Adult: Reviews for my games and activities for teens and adults

One to One: Reviews for my games for teaching Children 1-2-1

Plays and Skits: Reviews of my plays and skits for children 

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Reviews from our clients”

  1. I love your book!
    It has already enabled me to put off a planned writing project because I was short of time and confidently play a speaking game instead. Brilliant – and the learners assumed it was all part of the plan!

  2. Shelley Ann Vernon

    Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad the book is helpful. (Lucy is talking about my games book for teens and adults. It’s on this website under Games, as a PDF instant download, and it’s in paperback on Amazon and other online bookstores.

  3. I love so much all the resources you gave in your book about plays and skits. We are learning about 12 of your plays with my pupils and we’re looking forward to presenting all our work to the parents in May. I would like to thank you so much for encouraging me to do it with my pupils. They love it and I have introduced differently the vocabulary and we played games as often as possible.

    1. Dear Nathalie, thanks for your comment, great job! 12 plays should make for a major show! You could include some songs, though with 12 skits the show will be long enough. If you start with a group song that’s a handy way to get the kids used to being on stage, so you avoid sudden stage-fright when the first lines are spoken.
      Keep up the good work! Shelley

  4. I just want to say thank you Shelley Ann for her plays and skits which are funny, clever, interesting, catchy. etc. The content of Ann”s books is really worth adapting as they were written with passion and professionalism. Children love being the part of her plays.
    Thanks to Shelley Ann’s books the preparations of the plays become an easy and engaging task both for me as a teacher and my children.
    They learn a lot in short time..

    1. Dear Beata, thanks so much for your nice comment. I’m glad you are enjoying the skits – and well done to you for getting stuck in and actually using them! All the best, Shelley

  5. I am now working at a middle school in China and I am frequently asked to do extra-curricular activities for the grade 7 students (aged 13). I do two classes a week and thanks to your games it is easy to plan for. The class is very popular and it has attracted new students for the school.

    I also do it for the grade 1 students and they scream with delight when they see me coming down the hallway because they know they will play an interesting game (learning English but they don’t know that).

    Anyway, it does make teaching the kids a real joy, I bought your e-book many years ago (2014), but I wanted to write this and thank you for the hard work you put into writing this book, it couldn’t have been easy.

    So I thank you for putting the joy back into teaching.

    1. Dear Brian, thanks so much, your kind words and thoughts of your success, the popular teacher strolling down the corridors being joyfully greeted by the kids, made my day!! All the best, Shelley

  6. Catia Feliciano emailed: “The games are really helping preparing dynamic and enjoyable lessons. I’ve already started seeing differences in the student’s interest. It’s a great feeling!” Well done Catia, for trying new things! And thanks for the nice comment. Shelley Ann Vernon

  7. “Thanks to your materials, including teaching tips for pre schoolers everything went very smoothly from the very beginning. Later I did also some projects at the local primary school and some of the kids there still remembered the stories we did a year or two earlier and they wanted to listen to them again or play them. I was proud to see, how much they had remembered from kindergarten thank you, Shelley!”

  8. Shelley here, posting a comment from a teacher using my teen/adult games book:—————————————————————Hello. My name is Thomas Roddy, and I am a Title III Coach in Los Angeles. I work to help teachers and students prepare for an exam we have here called the ELPAC, which tests their skills as English learners————————————————————-I have loved your book. I find it precise, concise, and very easy to use. This week, I used the Sentence Builder exercise and am adapting it by color coding the cards. All nouns in yellow, all verbs in green, etc. I do this because while I am learning Spanish, I still don’t speak it well enough to say “Grab the green card!” Plus, we have multiple languages spoken on our campuses, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Farsi, Pashto, French, Creole…——————————————————-Thomas Roddy, Jr. | Title III Instructional Coach
    Local District Northwest | LAUSD
    Thomas Roddy’s website for English in LA:

  9. Shelley Ann has created a valuable compendium of games and activities that make teaching and learning grammar really fun! Case in point: I am about to add Process Writing to my EFL class curriculum. Page 88’s game suggests making a PBJ sandwich in class, and having students write the instructions step by step. Smart! Alternatively, I might use the idea on p.89, where the students each have one written segment of the sandwich process and have to organize themselves in a line, start to finish. That’s ingenious! Hands on, out of their seats, practising… Love it! The book is chock-full of clever ideas and how-tos. After a year of teaching online, I can’t wait to try some out with students in the physical classroom.

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