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teaching English to adults

Teaching English to adults with Shelley Ann Vernon’s fun resources will make your life easier! Save on preparation time, have more fun, motivate your students and more.

Hear from teachers using Shelley’s resources below. I am fortunate to have hundreds of great reviews on Amazon and I appreciate every one of them. For Linked in and other social media, please see the links on my overall reviews page.

Teaching English to adults benefits

Reduced preparation time

The Adult games book has really reduced my preparation time.  For example, activities such as ‘Guess the Question’ have really gone down well with my classes.

Heather Mullett, British Council in Qatar, March 2016

Perfect for teens

I ordered your book ESL Classroom Activities over the summer to get some fresh ideas for my high school conversation classes (I teach ESL in Turin, Italy) and found some wonderful material!

Thank you so much for compiling all these stimulating activities into one resource. They are perfect for teens, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Holly D. Turin, Italy, October 2018

Absolutely Essential

Your book ESL Classroom Activities for teens and adults is absolutely essential in my language classes and I have been using it for years.

Anne Adams, Munich, Germany, October

Excellent ideas and practical games

Hello from China. I am an English teacher working at a countryside middle school. So, I bought the book (ESL Classroom Activities For Teens & Adults) two months ago online, and I didn’t get the chance to read it until last week. Now, this book is a big help for me and my colleagues. So, I want to thank you personally for giving us so many excellent ideas and practical games for the class.

Gwen Huwen, China, Feb 2016

New beginnings

Afraid to abandon the old methods…the beginning of my new life teaching English to adults

I am a bit afraid to ‘abandon’ my books and school material, but from time to time I use the games in your book for a change. And then, my pupils really appreciate it and I see them change. And when I use a game, they are happy and all participate. In contrast, when I follow my ‘normal’ workbooks, they are rather bored. So this week a pupil came to me saying that I always should use games, because they also learn that way and it is much “cooler”. 

And that’s why I always keep your book ready!  In fact, this book is the beginning of my new life as a teacher. It should be compulsory for every teacher. Try it out and feel the magic! Shelley, the person and the writer, is my favourite resource when I need advice.

Katia Bekers, Han sur Lesse, Belgium, Jan 2016

Customer service appreciated

The book is very well written and Appendix is very useful. My students have great feed back already.  Thank you again Shelley!

Wonderful!  Again, Shelley, you have a very good heart and are very considerate.You are the only author that I know who after the sale goes an extra mile for technical support. I really appreciate the time you spent on me with all those back and forth emails to help me solve my problems. You can quote me on your website.

Rose Wang, California, Dec 2015

This has worked and got students interested

I am finding your book very helpful indeed for learning how to teach English to some young refugee boys. Yours has been the stuff which has worked and got their interest in a very chaotic setting!

M Currans, Kent, UK, Nov 2015

Energy in the lessons and a fantastic addition to any language learning resource

I love your ideas;they are just up my street! I enjoy lots of energy in my lessons, and your methods just bridle this!

Philippa Martin, Pips Language, France, Nov 2015

I have just bought your book of classroom activities for teaching English to adults. It is a fantastic addition to any language learning resource and the fact that you are willing to provide the time in explaining or sharing your knowledge with us via e-mail is fantastic, generous and gratifying.
I love the games in this book and although I have a few years’ experience I never would have thought so many language games could be found in one book. Thank you so much. I have shared some ideas  with my new colleague today who is a new ESOL teacher and they are so simple to follow she was also impressed and has expressed in delight in them too!

Linda Situn, Lecturer, Walsall College, UK May 2015

Students are happier

Hi Shelley, please put my comments up for all to see on your website.

I used to think that games were not appropriate or necessary for most of my classes. But now, I am a believer in using games, because they build classroom enthusiasm, and other qualities needed to make learning successful. I now include a game whenever possible, and my students are happier and seem more satisfied overall. Your books include games that utilize all of the skills to be learned in a fun way. Thanks again for your help, support and sharing your wisdom.

Patrick Welish, California

Teaching online and face to face

Transforming lessons into less teacher-centered ones

I’m very excited about using all the activities in it and transforming my lessons in less teacher centered ones. Congratulations on the book! It is really well organized and easy to use.

Romina Faggioni, Milan, Italy, Dec 2015

Masses of activities to choose from

Shelley, your books were my complete source of activities for the entire 6 days.

I thought I must write and let you know how invaluable I am finding the various publications I have bought from you. I recently taught a course of Chinese / English teachers / Administrators and sometimes their children! This course lasted 6 days and I found myself teaching anything from 5 to 30 students. It all depended on what day it was, what commitments they had elsewhere, and if they couldn’t come they would send their kids instead! The level of English varied depending on the age as well as what they had learned before.

Shelley, your books were my complete source of activities for the entire 6 days. I managed to keep the classes moving all the time and involved everyone in talking, listening, writing and some reading. Your books are like Bibles for me now and I consider the cost to buy them from you was a great investment.

Colin Macpherson, Expert English teacher in Zhuzhou city, China. November 2014

More adult English teaching success stories

The learning process enlivened!

As a result of your games, I managed to greatly enliven the learning process, which led to satisfaction on both sides. I am lucky to work with motivated students at one of the best language schools in Moscow, called Lzmaylovskaya Gymnasium #1508. I have students from ages 8 to 18.

Tatyana Potapova (ELT), Moscow, Russia. May 2014

Your games books have proven to be a huge asset.

Your books have become invaluable as I have had to transition from predominantly corporate work to teens and young learners.

I am now in Quang Ngai, Vietnam, in somewhat primitive working conditions with zero resources and several of my IELTS and corporate classes do not even have a textbook. Your games books have proven to be a huge asset, especially when you take into consideration my 33 hours a week face time. Many thanks. Kudos to you and your entire network.

Don Ault, Quang Ngai, Vietnam, March 2014

Organization, creativity and clarity of the game descriptions

I am absolutely pleased with my purchase of Shelley Vernon’s 175 activities for teaching English to adults and teens. I am a new ESL teacher in Canada, and I am just starting to build up my teaching bookshelf. This book has made an excellent addition to the resources I have so far. Some of the many things I admire about this book is the organization, creativity, and clarity of the game descriptions.

My students told me that they like the games because they have simple rules., are interactive and fun! I teach a variety of classes to professional adults, and I feel that these games are perfect for the adult level. This book has shown me that adults love to have fun too while they learn. In fact, they learn and remember more when they participate in an activity that encourages them to apply what they have learned. I highly recommend this book of games to any teacher who is wanting to have a more exciting classroom.

See positive changes quickly

You will quickly see the positive changes in the learning acquisition and attitudes of your students.

Emily Taillefer, ESL teacher in Canada, February 2014

Enough games, tips and ideas for a lifetime of teaching English to adults

I have purchased your 175 Activities for Teens and Adults Learning English and 176 English Games for Children, Fun Preschool Games and Stories. I treasure these resources much, as I have learnt so much about teaching in, always, fun, new and exciting ways. My students love my lessons and you supply enough games, tips and ideas for a lifetime of teaching.

Alicia Campbell, From South Africa, teaching in China in December 2013

I never expected SO much in this book! Awesome! Thank you! You have written a book just like I started to do several years ago, but never seemed to have found the time to keep it up! Well, now you have saved me having to write one! I will be going through this book over the holiday season and planning my lessons for the next 6 months and beyond! Thank you again Shelley!

Well worth the money!

Bernie O’Mahony, Owner, Route-2 English, Japan (adult teaching resources)

The most popular teacher around

I ordered your book 2 or 3 years ago – it really made me the most popular teacher around.

Sally Randall, New Zealand

Low on prep, easily adaptable for all language

I have been an ESL teacher for 13 years and I find these games are exactly what I would have prepared myself if I had the time or inclination. They are very low on prep, mostly speaking based, and are easily adaptable for all sorts of language objectives.

None of them are infantile and yet they can easily turn a boring drill into a worksheet-free activity. They are exactly what I wanted to spice up my lessons.

Debra Casagrande, Canada

Thanks for your ebook. It’s become my favourite resource!

Julie Cartwright, Victoria, Australia

This is the kind of teacher she wants to be!

I can’t thank you enough for your ebook. I am doing my TEFL certificate via correspondence here and your wonderful and sound advice have given me just the reference points and guidance I feel I need. Thank you again, hearing the words and seeing the methodology of such a passionate teacher has made the all difference in my ability to see clearly the kind of teacher I want to be.

Georgia Keighery, Australian teaching in a remote part of Indonesia

Improved involvement and motivation right away!

I downloaded the book without problems and used a game in my adult beginners class yesterday. A big improvement in involvement and motivation was immediately apparent. Thanks.

Jane Clark, Bogota, Columbia

A great investment because this teacher is using the book all the time.

Thanks so much, Shelley! Buying your book has been one of my best investments as a new teacher, because I use the activities all the time! I am an ESL teacher in Thailand.

Renate Janse Van Vuuren, teaching in Thailand

These 14 year olds went from not liking English to wanting more!

All your hard work has really paid off in my classes. Some of the 14 year olds who didn’t like English at all keep asking me when I’m coming back for the next lesson !! The other teachers are amazed !!

Lesley Chauvier, France

What a gold mine you have just sent me! Your material is absolutely awesome! The visual is great and your adding extra blank cards is so convenient! You have wonderful ideas and this will make your book even more fun to use.

Ginette Tremblay, Canada

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