Lesson plan for school

Dear Teacher,

Here is your lesson plan to teach school vocabulary and useful phrases along with worksheets and board games.

Please download and enjoy this free sample story from Shelley Ann Vernon and do share it with your teacher friends and parents.


I am here to help if you need anything. Just email me via the contact page!

Kind regards,

Shelley Ann Vernon, Teaching English Games

PS. If you missed the school STORY you’ll find it here: ESL Story for School.

Make your teaching easy and more fun with the About Me story series. Themes are:

– Talking about yourself: What happens in Whiteland?

– Descriptions: All about hair, and, who ate the biscuits?

– Places: Sam searches all over town for a sandwich. Where does he eventually find one?

– School: On her way to school Lucy find a new friend in her schoolbag.

– Sports: Can you play? Let’s see how easy it is for our visitor from space to play sports on earth.

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