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Here is a fun lesson plan for school vocabulary.  Enjoy the games and activities in the plan, along with worksheets and board games!

Target vocabulary

This lesson plan covers the following school vocabulary: class, eraser, or rubber (UK), finger, hand, line, paper, pen, picture, ruler, school, schoolbag, teacher, and word. In addition, useful verbs include: draw, erase, find, hear, know, look up, stop, teach, and write.

Target sentences

Lucy was walking to school.

She looks up. She looks down and around.

What’s this? (Contractions ‘s = is)

What’s that?

Who’s that?

It’s a pen.

We use it for writing.

Oh, I see.

Where I come from, we write with our fingers.

Perhaps include the three phrasal verbs look up, look down and look around, as a grammatical focal point.

Fun activities


Engage your students with fun games, including a writing race, a counting race, a word cube, a board game, and a revision quiz:

  1. Teach the main nouns with the games suggested.
  2. Play some spelling games, culminating in a word cube activity.
  3. There are revision games to consolidate all the new vocabulary.

In addition, there are worksheets included, along with interactive classroom activities.

Lesson plan for school PDF

Please feel free to download and enjoy this complete lesson plan for school from Shelley Ann Vernon. Then, feel free to share it with your teacher friends.


Finally, I am here to help if you need anything. So either pop your question in the comments box below or drop me an email.

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