Games for teens and adults to learn English? Really? Yes really!

Liven up your classes and have all students participate, even the shy ones

ESL for adults & teens: Games and activities are a great way of getting English out of stuffy text books and livening up your classes. Not only do many adults the world over enjoy games, but language games accelerate learning in a number of ways. Let’s see how…

Appeal to your students’  diverse learning styles

Using varied activities or games will appeal to different learning styles: auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, and tactile. This variety benefits students who learn predominantly from one learning style and helps all students retain information better.

Games bond students and teachers alike

Even confident adults can become uncertain and self-conscious when learning a new language. Learning through fun activities relaxes students, helps students bond with each other and the teacher and creates a supportive classroom atmosphere.

Less prep time, more fun time

ESL for adults: With an abundance of great ideas for games and activities to practice any language point, you will never be at a loss if you finish early or suddenly have to take an unexpected class.

Competition can encourage positive participation

Games, competitions, races, and time limits can increase student focus and give an exciting buzz to an activity that could otherwise be relatively mundane. Students get involved and are more inclined to contribute in class, so even shy students come forward to join in.

My ESL games for adults and teens allow students to work together in a structured way, with the independence to practice constructively without the constant presence of the teacher. Thus, students speak a lot of English and get the most out of lesson time.

Games are serious fun

Often, adult learners must understand why they are using a game. For example, if students know a fun activity is a vehicle to practise, they won’t think they are wasting time playing games.

Shelley's ESL resources for teens and adults

Pump some energy into your lessons and get your students talking, even the shy ones! ESL for adults & teens games, fluency activities, and grammar drills are here. EFL and ESL resources that will make teaching fun and easy.

Teach your students through games, fluency activities and grammar drills for EFL and ESL students and make learning fun.

Get your teens and adults engaged online. This book has games, fun ideas and tips to make your lessons stimulating and memorable.

Engage your teens with short, fun role-plays and dialogues from middle school to 18 years old. For high novice-low intermediate levels.

Get free classroom games and activites

ESL Classroom Activities for Teens & Adults

ESL games, fluency activities and grammar drills for EFL and ESL students

Activities for all levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Well organised into listening, speaking, reading, and writing categories.

The detailed introduction gives advice on cultural backgrounds, learning styles and personalities.

Packed with ideas and exercises on fluency and grammar: Entertaining, fun and specially formulated for teens and adults.

The introduction covers common classroom teaching problems including culture, tensions, shy students, and different learning styles

Teaching Tips include goals, using drills, fluency activities, to what to do if the lesson flops

6 step Quick Start Guide – Listening, speaking, reading and writing drills for new vocab, grammar and revision. Plus, listening comprehension, speaking fluency, conversation, dialogues, and creative writing.

Bonus! Receive a 70-page bonus appendix with the activities book! Get templates free to save you time.

Promote fun while learning English – what more could you ask?!

ESL Online Games

Interactive activities to engage students of all ages and bring the joy of learning into your virtual classroom

Enjoy teaching happy, motivated pupils online. Following the success teachers have had with her classroom games books, Shelley created this mega-collection of online games to entice fun and effective learning for all levels. Ages six to adult.

Five-minute warm-ups, ten-minute no-prep games, low prep, and extended activities

Visual icons help you quickly select an activity

Tips on how to use the games in the classroom, an explanation of the categories, the best group sizes, how to adapt the games to different ages and levels, the materials you’ll need, the pace of the games and how to get the most out of mixed abilities

Games themed for vocabulary to stimulate speaking and listening

Rapid game selection to suit any occasion in the detailed index grouped into a category, group size, level, age, materials needed and pace

Introduction packed with handy tips on dealing with competition, movement, mixed abilities, logistics, working pairs and groups, classroom management and technology in the classroom

Bonus! Ready-made templates in the free downloadable bonus. ESL for adults and teens made easy.

Bring the joy of learning into your virtual classroom!

What to expect from ESL Online Games

  • Easier, faster lesson planning – the more games you use, the easier it gets.
  • Fun language games for vocabulary and grammar, listening, speaking, conversation, spelling, reading, and writing.
  • Tips on teaching online, dos and don’ts, technical tips, online security, engaging students, and more.
  • Support from the author
  • Easier, faster lesson planning – the more games you use, the easier it gets
  • Fun language games for vocabulary and grammar, listening, speaking, conversation, spelling, reading, and writing
  • Tips on teaching online, dos and don’ts, technical tips, online security, engaging students, and more
  • Support from the author

Fun ESL Role-Plays and Skits for Teens

19 short role-plays and conversational dialogues for teens learning English covering topics dear to teens

Find out just how much fun ESL drama can bring to your lessons, helping your pupils learn and stay motivated. Role-play breaks up the monotony of bookwork and is a great way to practice or review skills. What better way to see if students really understand how to use those new vocabulary words, verb tenses and sentence structures?

19 tried and tested fun skits for teens

A fun, effective way to teach and revise vocabulary themes

A one-to-one version is included with every skit, as well as the group version

Warm-up your class to enjoy drama, even if you have no interest in acting, the kids will be doing the acting:

Discussion ideas for each topic included

All children can be involved, from the shyest to the most outspoken, and all contribute to the final outcome


Inside this book is access to a 70-page printable appendix of ready-made templates. Print and go! That said most of the games don’t need any printing or preparation, but for those that do, templates are provided with this bonus to save you time

Read the blog for great teaching tips!

Skits for teens

Disinterested teens can be hard work. Therefore, motivate your teens with these short, humorous skits. Students use language in real situations while learning vocabulary and increasing confidence. 

Teaching professions and what do you do?

Here’s a guide to teaching the professions with games. ESL for adults lesson plan.

ESL tutoring

The biggest challenge for everyone is making teaching fun so that children want to learn. So, keep reading and Shelley will show you how!