Have fun teaching English Online with this mega-collection of games.

Enjoy teaching happy, motivated pupils online.

– ESL tutoring and groups of all sizes.
– Fun and effective learning for all ages
– All levels from beginners to advanced

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ESL Online Games


A mega-collection of ESL online games and activities to play with your pupils online

– Enjoy teaching happy, motivated pupils online.
– ESL tutoring and groups of all sizes.
– Fun and effective learning for all ages
– From beginners to advanced levels.

For online teachers


Any foreign language teacher can use this book for remote teaching, though all examples are in English.


What you will get from this book


Visual icons help you quickly select an activity. There are:

– five-minute warm-ups
– ten-minute games
– extended activities
– plenty of no prep and low prep options


Students love learning and being engaged with these games.


  • Easier, faster lesson planning – the more games you use, the easier it gets.
  • Fun language games for vocabulary and grammar, listening, speaking, conversation, spelling, reading, and writing.
  • Tips on teaching online, dos and don’ts, technical tips, online security, engaging students, and more.
  • Support from the author. I’m here to help you succeed, and you will find my contact details in the book.
  • And you may even become a more popular teacher. It can be a challenge to teach online or change your teaching style, but you’ll soon become the inspirational teacher you really want to be if you use this book
  • Support from the author to get you started and troubleshoot
  • Downloadable appendix of templates for a speedy start

Paperback or Kindle?


There is currently no PDF download format, instead ESL Online Games is available in paperback and Kindle here:


4 reviews for ESL Online Games

  1. Hiltrud

    The book is absolutely fantastic. Ideal for all levels and not just online. I teach in hybrid. I find every day something new to try out. Even just one game can be adopted to all students of all ages, preschool to adults. Thank you so much.

    • SAV

      Dear Hiltrud, thank you so much for your kind words and I am so pleased that you are enjoying the book. Brilliant! All the best, Shelley

  2. Andrew

    An essential resource for a creative and dynamic classroom. My student’s attention and motivation have increased noticeably since the implementation of Shelley’s book. I’ll continue to keep using the games. A great book! Congratulations ✨

    • SAV

      Dear Andrew, thank you so much for your kind words. I am delighted for you and your students – great job! All the best, Shelley.

  3. Evelyne

    Ce livre est une mine d’idées pour mettre vos cours d’anglais en pratique en visio, simplement et efficacement. Les jeux sont variés et suffisamment nombreux pour pouvoir les adapter à différents niveaux et différents profils (enfants, ados, adultes). En plus, toutes les activités sont transposables dans un environnement de classe physique, donc il n’y a pas d’hésitation à avoir pour progresser en passant un bon moment avec vos élèves et apprenants.

  4. Mike

    I’m English teacher online and on site, My classes weren’t bad, but I wanted to add more games to give a boost, I found this book and I started reading it, and I was so happy to buy it, so many games, explained in detail step by step, Shelley gives you for free templates so useful. Imagine how useful it is that I bought “Teach your child English” and “Esl Games : 176 English Language Games for Children” as well. If you are an English teacher, or you want to begin to teach English to your kids, these books are a must. Just get them.

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