kids acting four skits by shelley ann vernon

ESL role plays for children

ESL role plays are for you if you teach small groups or one-to-one lessons!   On this page: Discover tips and insights into using plays for ESL and EFL, and get a free ESL play script to use in your next class.   If you’ve already got our popular classroom games pack, you’ll have plenty of ammunition for …

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how to improve my English speaking skills

English speaking skills and kids

I’m here to ask for some suggestions for improving English speaking skills with my pupils. I have worked with children ages 4-10 for the past four years. I notice that after a while, they understand me and can say vocabulary words we learned together in class, but they can only answer with a complete sentence …

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how to be a good teacher and have that magic touch

How to be a good teacher

Let’s look at how to be a good teacher. Unfortunately, most of the school and university teachers in my life were mediocre. Miss Hayden, supposedly a geography teacher, would dictate chapters from the textbook for us to copy. But thinking about my teachers now, I realize I have forgotten most of them. On the other …

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Thank you for joining!

Thank you very much for joining my list at Teaching English Games. I will send you some helpful emails with tips, games and activities. Generally I send one email per month and per list, after an initial flurry! You may unsubscribe at any moment. Get Response are the company that handle my mailings. It’s a …

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esl teaching resources keyboard with learn English enter button

ESL teaching resources

These are the best ESL teaching resources for primary school, in the classroom and also at after school clubs. After school clubs are incredibly tiring because it takes a lot of energy to teach the kids after a day at school, but you can do it. On the other hand, morning lessons on a Saturday …

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bobsleigh for Olympics lesson plan

Olympics lesson plan

Here are some Olympics lesson plan ideas. When a teacher emailed me to ask, Can you help me prepare a vacation course on the Olympics? I said, No problem! Firstly, when faced with preparing a five-day course it can be somewhat daunting thinking about “filling” the vast periods between 9 am on the first day …

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student learning vocabulary online through games

Online vocabulary games

From my A-mazing book of Online vocabulary Games available here: ESL Online Games Advanced online vocabulary game – spelling challenge Here’s an advanced vocabulary game to play in an online class and also face-to-face. Students can work in pairs or small groups, so use breakout rooms if you are online. Also, allow dictionaries because this …

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social distancing classroom

Social distancing classroom ideas

An Italian teacher asked me for social distancing classroom ideas for her primary school children learning English. She owns my book “176 English Language Games for Children” but was having difficulty adapting games when children cannot move or touch anything in common. The ideas that follow are also suitable for a classroom where the teacher …

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