child reading

Summer Reading Challenge

From a Summer Reading Challenge to games, dressing up and more, there are many ways to help a child struggling with reading confidently. They might get anxious when reading aloud in front of other children, or struggle to maintain concentration with a book. No matter the reason, there are plenty of things you can do …

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How to teach English to beginners ABC

How to teach English to beginners

Learn how to teach English to beginners of different ages and personalities. English teachers often come across the situation where there are mixed ages, abilities and interests in the classroom. Typically, private tutors are called upon to teach siblings, or groups of friends. For example, a teacher was tutoring a younger girl, who loved pink …

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ESL games for kids preschool group

ESL games for kids

Receive free ESL games for kids and a fun story ideal for children aged three to six. To receive a fabulous illustrated story, for preschool and young primary school children, go to the sign up box below.   Look for the Click for Free Teaching Kit.   Click to sign up – I only ask …

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skit for beginners' conversation

Conversation for beginners

A short blog with activities on stimulating conversation for beginners. Novice language learners need lots of speaking practise to gain confidence and fluency. Here are some A1 speaking activities to get your beginners talking in your English classes. A teacher wrote to me with the following question: How can I get my A1 students involved in …

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online english games teacher in zoom lesson

Online English Games

This post has three great online English games to teach vocabulary in a virtual classroom. In addition, use these three games to prepare students for a project, or role-play. But first, let’s hear from an ESL teacher struggling with teaching via Zoom. I am currently teaching two classes online to students from a college in …

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phrasal verbs look up and look down

Teaching phrasal verbs

The other day a colleague asked me about teaching phrasal verbs to her small class of 12-year-old students. I would like to share the following lesson plan with you. First though, if you are wondering why the post picture has men hiking in the mountains, you’ll find out later on! Grammar It’s personal, but I’m …

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Teaching one-to-one

On the ESL help forums, one often sees teachers asking for help teaching one-to-one. Unfortunately, many teachers suffer when teaching children English individually, which is a shame because teaching one-to-one can be very rewarding and often a good source of extra income.   This article is broadly divided into four parts as follows:   1. …

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teachers and preschoolers at kindergarten

Preschool resources reviews

Reviews for preschool resources sold by Shelley Ann Vernon Find out how my preschool resources can bring joy and learning to your child or kindergarten. Below are genuine reviews from ESL teachers I have been honoured to help over the years. You will also find plenty of reviews of my work on Amazon, where they …

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English story Hetty and the Lion

English story for ELLs

Hetty and the Lion Story Here is my English story Hetty and the Lion, for kindergarten kids learning English as a second or foreign language. To start, download the colour illustrations, and then check out my storytelling tips. Hetty and the Lion Story Pictures Hetty and the Lion Story Text Before you begin, make sure …

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