preschool children dancing

Greetings song – How are You?

A free greetings song for preschool children learning English as a second or foreign language. I’m Hungry ! By Shelley Ann Vernon, from Teaching English Songs Album 1. Includes animal masks to wear and decorate.

Lesson plan for school

Lesson plan for school contents Here is a fun lesson plan for school vocabulary.  Enjoy the games and activities in the plan, along with worksheets and board games! Target vocabulary This lesson plan covers the following school vocabulary: class, eraser, or rubber (UK), finger, hand, line, paper, pen, picture, ruler, school, schoolbag, teacher, and word. …

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teaching English to adults

Teaching English to adults reviews

Teaching English to adults with Shelley Ann Vernon’s fun resources will make your life easier! Save on preparation time, have more fun, motivate your students and more. Hear from teachers using Shelley’s resources below. I am fortunate to have hundreds of great reviews on Amazon and I appreciate every one of them. For Linked in …

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ESL Christmas activities

ESL Christmas Activities

Buy an ESL lesson plan for Christmas. Teach your pupils about Christmas in our culture. It’s fun and interesting to learn about other cultures and the special days they celebrate.

flashcards for school vocabulary theme

School flashcards

Free school story flashcards PDF Hello there; here are some school flashcards for you to download and use with my school story, lesson plan, games, and worksheets. Right-click and Save AS to download for PC users; for Mac, click to download. Flashcards-Free-Sample The flashcards included in this download are classroom, draw, erase, eraser (or rubber), …

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fun classroom games

Fun classroom games

Find out how fun classroom games can benefit you. This book review pages features so many benefits teachers that have had from using my first games book ‘176 English Language Games for Children’. Over the years, I have had so much pleasure and personal satisfaction from helping teachers, and I guarantee all these reviews are …

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preschool story activities children playing with Shelley Ann Vernon's story cards

Preschool story activities

Hetty and the Lion Part Three Welcome to this preschool story activities post.  This post is the third in the series to teach preschool children English, including games, activities, and a story.  If you have missed the first two parts, here they are: Part one – Hetty lesson plan with games Part Two – Hetty …

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Fruits song role-play from Smile English

Fruits song

Fruits song – Part Four of Hetty and the Lion This page has a fruits song and lion mask to go with Hetty and the Lion.  This is the fourth part in a series to teach preschool children English. If you missed the first three parts of the series, here they are: (However, if you …

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one act play by Shelley Ann Vernon

One act plays reviews

A one-act play about animals. The post photo shows one of Shelley Ann Vernon’s one act plays for children at a primary school show in Asia. Hear from teachers using my plays and skits This page has reviews reviews for Fun ESL Role-Plays and Skits for Children by Shelley Ann Vernon. You’ll see how much fun …

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ESL writing game boy running with pencil

ESL Writing Game

Easy, fun ESL writing game for grammar or vocabulary Here’s an easy ESL writing game for all ages; it’s great for grammar and spelling. And, it’s ideal for beginner to intermediate students learning English. Class size: This game is suitable for any number of pupils from only one to about thirty. You need some room …

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