Paperbacks by Shelley Ann Vernon

paperbacks by Shelley Ann Vernon

Hello there! If for you if you are looking to purchase paperbacks instead of downloads then this post is for you. While downloads are convenient, you might prefer paperbacks for easy sharing in the school staff room or for a library. Or possibly, you might just like to sit down with a good old fashioned book format, smell the paper, make notes in the margins and read the book without a battery!

All my paperbacks are for sale on Amazon, but some people don’t like shopping there because they are sick of a few multi-millionaires owning nearly everything. However, please note that Amazon pay me the highest royalty. In addition, you might think you are using an alternative company like the Book Depository, but Amazon own that too and they pay the author peanuts! Therefore, even though we might think that Jeff Bezos has enough money, for BOOKS, Amazon are best for the author, at least for me!

The following link will take you to my author page, and to each of my paperbacks on the Amazon nearest to you. However, while or sell all my books, Amazon Mexico or Japan might not have them all.

Links to my paperbacks

Shelley Ann Vernon Amazon Author Page

Games books

Preschool Games book

ESL Games: 176 English Language Games for Children

Teach Your Child English Games book for parents and private tutors

Teen and Adult Classroom Activities

ESL Online Games for children and adults for virtual classrooms and private online tutors

Stories with lesson plans and flashcards

Six story paperbacks holding thirty stories. The lesson plans and flashcards are included as downloads from Shelley on this website.

Preschool Stories 1-5 – Book One

Book Two – Preschool Stories 6-10

Preschool Stories 11-15 – Book Three

Book Four – Preschool Stories 16-20

Special Days Stories – Book Five

Special Days Stories – Book Six

Other paperbacks

Workbook for Preschool Stories 1-10 above

ESL Role-Plays and Skits for Children

Plays and Skits for Teens

Extras and bonuses

All extras that are included with my downloadable books are also included with the paperbacks. For example, the plays and skits for children come with a set of videos. Each paperback has instructions on how to obtain the extras, but whatever it says in the book, if you email me I will send them to you directly.

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