Links to schools in France

Anglotots language school logo, France

Anglotots in Caen, France, say:

We really enjoy working with your skits. It is real fun for teachers too and exciting to see how quickly pupils absorb the vocabulary.’ Teachers may join Christel for fun English around Caen or contact her for teacher training.

Fun at Smile English, France

Smile English, Jura, France is a great fun place for you and your children to learn English with English native speakers. Smile English are always looking for native speakers to teach their camps, so do contact them if interested.

Enac cultural center, 14em arrondissment, Paris

Centre ludo-éducatif bilingue avec ateliers à la sortie d’école, les mercredis et durant les vacances.

Pari-Grandir, Ecole Bilingue Paris 15em, France

A language school that uses drama and games to teach English, immersing children in a multilingual environment. 

Slovakia and Italy

Learn English at Happy English language school for children in Slovakia

English is a piece of cake: Ravenna, Italy Workshops and courses for children and adults throughout Bologna and Ravenna.

Little Linguists, Forli, (between Bologna and San Marino) Italy

Shelley Ann Vernon recommends Little Linguists in Forli to parents wanting to give their children extra English.

Fun English lessons in Biella, Piemonte, Italy

English 4 Kids – Verona Italy

Fun English for kids in Verona, summer camps.


Other countries

AAA English School, Moscow.

“The drama aspect of the week has been an eye-opener and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed/are enjoying the experience. Even the shyer ones are coming out of their shells and starting to perform. So I do say a big thank you to you and your site and its resources.”Linguaman, Russia: 424000, г. Йошкар-Ола

 A nice place for your children to learn English through my games and immersion in Йошкар-Ола, Russia.

English Kid school in the Ukraine.

Izmaylovskaya gymnasium #1508 Moscow Language School

Excellent language school in Moscow using my resources, fun and creativity to teach English in small groups at a high standard.

Come and learn English at Spencer Rhein’s fun English school in Turkey.

I am a big fan of your books…

I own a small English school in Turkey, which I initially set up to teach adult learners. However, there was a lot of pressure on me from the local community to accept children, which I was reluctant to do as I had no experience with young learners and frankly I was intimidated by the prospect.

However, if my small school were to survive…

I needed to discover other revenue sources, so I was obliged to turn my attention to the young learners. I set myself the task of researching this area, upon which I discovered your website and all the attending information.

Since then…

I have bought many more of your books and I have fully incorporated your teaching philosophy into my teaching style.  Today my school is a thriving little children’s school – this is in direct thanks to you and your books/learning philosophy. 
Spencer Rhein, English House, Turkey

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