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ESL games for kids preschool group

Receive free ESL games for kids and a fun story ideal for children aged three to six.

To receive a fabulous illustrated story, for preschool and young primary school children, go to the sign up box below.
Look for the Click for Free Teaching Kit.
Click to sign up – I only ask for your name and email. 
You will receive:
– a fun lesson plan made of games, 
– an illustrated story for beginners,
– flashcards 
– and a song. 
This free sample gives you everything you need to teach your pupils English in a fun way and get great results.

You only need enter your name and email to receive my fun games and story for preschool children learning English.

Be a successful teacher and make your life easier! Try these easy games and enjoy teaching English.

Your email is private and protected. We hate spam and will never give it to anyone.

Click the image below to go through to the contact page with this form!

After you have pressed the button to join, you will receive an email from Get Response. They handle my emails and make sure that there are no spammers or hackers anywhere near my lists. So, your email is safe with them.

You will have to confirm that you want to join by clicking a verification link that they send you. I am so glad that you are joining tens of thousands of other teachers who have made their lessons more fun and effective with my ESL games for kids, as well as taking the stress out of teaching.

I am  here to help if you need me anytime!

Thank you for your interest, and speak soon.

All the best

Shelley Ann Vernon

Teaching English Games

In the meantime, please feel to browse my books and reviews on Amazon via my Author Profile page: Shelley Ann Vernon.

For my fun teaching kits in downloadable format, please visit my online shop.


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