Short, Fun Role Plays and Dialogues for Teens Learning English.

From middle school to age 18.

High Novice to Low Intermediate Levels

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Plays and Skits for Teens


Short, fun ESL plays and skits for teens, role-plays and dialogues

From middle school to 18 – High Novice to Low Intermediate Levels – learning English!

  • 19 fun short skits for Teens at CERFA A2 (high novice-low intermediate levels).
  • Introduction with tips on ways to prepare and use the skits. Unique and original content made for teens, from middle school up to 18.
  • Full grammar index. All skits are easy to print out and distribute to students.

Teen topics include studies, fashion, free time, learning, parties, music, watching TV, careers and the future, warnings about drugs and alcohol, tattoos, phones, and more.

Sample skit

To see a sample skit, please go to ADD LINK to second conditional blog

Contents and Grammar Index

This PDF contains a summary of the grammar and topics covered in this book of skits. Please click here to view.

These skits help

  • improve vocabulary and grammar
  • read and speak more fluently and confidently
  • use English in realistic contexts and dialogues
  • work in groups, bond and co-operate
  • loosen up and become relaxed in class
  • become more creative, and use more expression to communicate, such as body language, tone and emphasis
  • take more responsibility for their learning as the teacher retreats and stops spoon-feeding them
  • shy learners participate with easier or non-speaking roles
  • challenge more advanced students with bigger roles.

Paperback of PDF download?

If you prefer a paperback, then you will find it here.

If you prefer a download, easy to print off a skit for your students, please order on right here from my shop.

1 review for Plays and Skits for Teens

  1. Ulli

    Very useful material indeed – all sorts of topics and grammar aspects. Used one straight away (focus on acting and having fun), and the students (aged 13) good the hang of it straight away. Easy to use but also well adaptable to individual teaching situations.

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