School story

Lucy goes to school ESL story

A fun story for vocabulary at school, for children ages 6 to 10

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Your school story is here, in several formats, to satisfy different classroom setups.

Firstly, here is the story, with audio by native speakers. You may watch it here, but for use in class, I recommend downloading it and watching it offline.

Next, here is the link to download this PowerPoint – with the password: casey

You need the password! casey

Then, if you want to tell the story yourself, here is the short version in PDF:


Finally, the text, in two versions, is here:

School story narration and dialogue

Save to your computer and watch offline to avoid opening large files through the internet.

This story teaching kit works!

“We’ve tried so many excellent educational materials available on the market, but none of them actually teaches pupils to start talking. Therefore, I think what you’ve created is unique.

I really like your imaginative stories with lovely voices, videos, games, activities, and above all, that fun, playful way to learning which gets pupils talking without realizing it.

Also, thank you very much for your emails offering advice and help. That gives you confidence when you find yourself in a sea of information!”

Galina Gaberova, Montblanc School, Catalonia, Spain

Included in the school story teaching kit

Every story in the kit includes:

– A PowerPoint version of the story with voices by native speakers

– A PDF version of the story so you can tell it yourself, with the help of your pupils

– All the vocabulary flashcards you need for the story theme

– Worksheets for all the grammar and vocabulary

– A lesson plan packed with fun games and activities to teach the theme

Find out more about the first five stories in this series and make your teaching easier and more fun. ESL stories for primary school children

Kind regards

Shelley Ann Vernon,
Teaching English Games

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