Fun classroom games

fun classroom games

Find out how fun classroom games can benefit you. This book review pages features so many benefits teachers that have had from using my first games book ‘176 English Language Games for Children’.

Over the years, I have had so much pleasure and personal satisfaction from helping teachers, and I guarantee all these reviews are genuine. However, if you doubt, please go over to Amazon US, where you’ll find hundreds of reviews. And, if you know anything about buying books on Amazon, you’ll know they go to a lot of trouble to ensure reviews are genuine.

Fun classroom games makes teaching a real joy.

I am now working at a middle school in China and am frequently asked to do extra-curricular activities for the grade 7 students (aged 13). I do two classes a week and thanks to your games it is easy to plan for. The class is very popular and it has attracted new students for the school. I also do it for the grade 1 students and they scream with delight when they see me coming down the hallway because they know they will play an interesting game (learning English but they don’t know that). Anyway, it does make teaching the kids a real joy, I bought your book many years ago (2014), but I wanted to write this and thank you for the hard work you put into writing it since it couldn’t have been easy. So I thank you for putting the joy back into teaching.

Brian McManus, Oct 2019, China

Helpful, comprehensive and bursting with ideas

Your book is certainly 5 stars. I don’t ordinarily teach children, so your comprehensive book, bursting on every page with ideas and information, is a very helpful and rare find.

This, together with your kind and professional support web-page, enables a jaded has-been like me to continue to offer something interesting in any lessons I might have.

Michael Scott, UK, May 2018

The kids loved it so much they even came to school when they were sick!

When I taught in Korea I used your fun classroom games all the time, and the kids loved it so much that they even came to school when they were sick and should have stayed home. Your games made many Korean children love learning English.

Sunny F. Jan 2018, Korea

Helpful, love it, use it every week.

I love your 176 games for ESL classes in Primary Education book!! We use it every week and children love it too.

Maribel Porras Castro, Spain, October 2018

Games can be used for any language and don’t need technology or props

I’m really enjoying your book thanks. Currently I teach about 20 kids aged 4-14 in a village car park in rural Thailand. So it’s nice to have a book where the activities don’t rely on technology or lots of props or prep or students ability to read English. I like that most of the games can be used for any language vocab or structure and the way you give hints on how to use for small and large groups, with and without space.

Maree Rauhala, North East Thailand

Classes are more fun and the teacher is more confident

I keep using the games from 176 esl games book and so many things have changed for me for the better. My classes are more fun, I’m gaining more confidence as a teacher and my pupils love the games and are learning very fast!!! It’s all been really great!

Marta Turel, private primary school, Turkey

A game from '176 English Language Games for Children'

Play this fun game at desks in a traditional primary school classroom too. The game may be adapted to all group sizes.

fun classroom game say it quick

My book of fun classroom games saves you time

Time saver

So enjoying your book! My classes are having a ball, as I am, and it is a great time saver. Congrats on a great product.

Sourieau Sheila, Massy, France

Quicker and simpler lesson planning

After I bought your “games for kids” book and started using it (with the flashcards) my lesson planing became so much simpler and quicker and the lessons a lot more fun and rewarding for my students. I’m totally happy with it, so that’s why I’ve just bought the book for adults.

Robert Turney, China

Getting kids to work together

I love this book. It has saved me many times when I’ve been at a loss for keeping the kids entertained & learning at the same time. My book is full of page markers. I love getting them to work together, it’s such an important skill to learn.

You are teaching me so much. I’m a self -taught ESL teacher for the moment. The learning curve is steep but oh so satisfying when I get results!  My pupils just love the games from your book and it is just such refreshing relief for these French kids who have no idea about learning through games.

Best, Frances Theile

Flexible and adaptable

I’ve been playing some of your games in my classes (4 to 6 year olds), and in my English Play Workshop (8 to 10 year olds) and they’re great!!! They’re really flexible and adaptable just like your children’s plays book. Thanks for it all!

Loreto Ibieta, Chile

It worked immediately!

I started the year without using your games. It was not really working and I was having a hard time catching the attention of all the students. After a month I finally decided to go through all your games and use them. The success was immediate and the kids love the games!!!

I have a lot of English-speaking students who help me as “assistants”, but now they complain that they can’t play the games as much as the other students 🙂 So it’s a big success, thank you very much for your work!

I tell my colleagues that my English classes are going well since I decided to use some proven methods (even though I do adapt the games to the situations, the groups and the pedagogy).

Esther Evangéline Cannard, France

Today my school is thriving, in direct thanks to you and your books/learning philosophy

I am a big fan of your books. I own a small English school in Turkey, which I initially set up to teach adult learners. However, there was a lot of pressure on me from the local community to accept children, which I was reluctant to do as I had no experience with young learners and frankly I was intimidated by the prospect. But, if my small school were to survive, I needed to discover other revenue sources, so I was obliged to turn my attention to the young learners.

So, I set myself the task of researching this area, upon which I discovered your website and all the attending information. Since then I have bought your drama book, children and teenage games book, adult games book, as well as the Illustrated Stories for children – which is in video format. Not to mention, having read your material, I have fully incorporated your teaching philosophy into my teaching style.  Today my school is thriving, in direct thanks to you and your books/learning philosophy.

Spencer Rhein, Turkey

Life-saving classroom management tips

The very first thing I did after I had downloaded your book to go through the tips for useful class management – and indeed they proved to be sort of life-saving. The good part is the kids love the English lessons, that is, the games and songs and activities, so I can afford to be strict while also being playful. I’m also happy about the forfeits-list which I use in my school classes.

Burkhardt Imola, Romania

It worked wonders + better classroom management

I used your two of the games. It was very energetic and worked wonders in my class. Before reading your book sometimes I got tired of saying ‘stop talking’. Sometimes my classes got out of control. I didn’t know who to turn to. Your classroom management ideas worked very well.

Hasret Sevda, Turkey

Helpful layout to find games by purpose

Your book it’s great! The best thing is that every game is classified by it purpose such as: games to introduce new language, to practice…it’s very helpful for me.

Marta Lopez Perez-Fuster

Your games just shine and sparkle with so many activities offering lots of natural repetition

I have plenty of good ideas of my own (being CTEFLA qualified and have been teaching kids for some years now) but Wow, I must tell you: I am really so impressed with all of your abundance of ideas and games and activities!

Your ideas for games just shine and sparkle with so many activities offering lots of natural repetition, in a way that does not look awkward or strange to the weaker students, but just seems natural and keeps them safe and happy! And in fact everyone in class will benefit from this approach of course!

They combine fun with so much repetition that weaker students can be the ones who get more listening practice as they can first listen to the stronger ones, e.g. in your relay game, where the same word is repeated over and over again. This way one can keep the weaker ones feeling safe in the group. And this is extremely important for me, too, because I often have new students join an existing group and/or have to deal with mixed ability classes.

Daniela Berntzen, Germany

Jump the Line from '176 English Language Games for Children'

students playing jump the line in class

The lesson was like an English party!

I bought a whole load of your material some time ago and have been using it loads. I love it, and more importantly so do my students. Teaching all age groups in Italy, your material has given me new ideas and confidence. One 7 year old boy said, after his first English lesson, that he had been to an English Party”.

Alessandra Lams, Tuscany, Italy

Enough ideas for a lifetime of teaching

I purchased three of your books of fun classroom games. Now, I treasure these resources, as I have learnt so much about teaching in, always, fun, new and exciting ways. My students love my lessons and you supply enough games, tips and ideas for a lifetime of teaching.

Alicia Campbell, from South Africa and teaching in China.

The children remember better!

“She isn’t like the other teachers, she teaches us while playing. It’s really fun and you can remember it better.”

Julie Gambade, age 10, Uriage, France

Children behave better and the shy ones get involved!

I have to confess my classes are the best since I have your great ideas. Children do not behave badly and shout as they used to. They speak English with a happy face and also shy children try to do so. I am very happy.

Yohana Perez Garcia, Spain.

The most popular and successful teacher – even the shyest join in!

I just wanted to let you know how much help your games and lesson plans are. Now I’ve become the most popular and more importantly, the most successful English teacher and really have major fun with the children during our lessons. Even the shyest children can’t wait to join in and are SPEAKING SO MUCH – it’s wonderful.

Allison Pasty, Italy

A life-saver and making classes more fun

I recently got to teach two 7 year olds, though usually I teach adults. After searching the internet for information, Shelley’s books were a lifesaver. Clear, concise and I even use ideas to make my adult classes more fun.

Fiaz Ayub, Argentina

Instant results really are possible

Well done to Joyce Murray for plunging head first into the book on day one: I am so happy that I bought the primary English games because they included lesson plans. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to just let the lesson flow from one game to the next. But now that I have an example I can’t wait to go to class tomorrow and teach.

And the next day:

I only taught these children once before and it was a total flop that’s why I was so desperate. Your lessons provided the best, best ever solution. The kids were very happy today. The class went along smoothly. We revised first, then proceeded to play.

It was great ! No, more than great !

Joyce Murray, teaching in Saudi Arabia

He saves time and feels less stressed!

Thanks Shelley. Your resources are already saving me heaps of time and lessening the anxiety from having such a hectic and mixed teaching schedule. I’m teaching kindy, elementary and middle school.

Anthony Bennett, S. Korea (3 to 5 and 4 to 12 teaching resources)

Will says “English Language Games for Children” is worth far more than I am asking!

I appreciate your teaching philosophy.

It kills me to see kids bored with English. This curriculum is worth far more than you’re asking. And I should know, since I have been scavenging the net for ideas and lessons for the past 4 months! It’s a relief to have such an archive of games and pictures.

I also want to thank you for your professionalism. The customer service you offer is personal, very refreshing in this age of recorded phone menu’s and automatic notification emails.

William Thomas, teaching in rural Japan

This teacher says “176 English Language Games for Children” is the best!

I have looked at many, many books regarding activities and games. However, I have only found one that is any good. I love your book. It is excellent!

Thomas StPeter, Chicago

Now his classes are too fun to miss and the children are disappointed when they have other teachers!

Your games are amazing!!! The other day the one girl showed up looking really really sick and I asked her if she was ok. She could barely stand up straight, so I asked her if she wanted to go home. She said she didnt go to any of her other classes today, but she came to school just to attend my class, because they are too fun to miss! Needless to say I was very touched!

Recently some of our classes got allocated different teachers. I accidentally went into one of my old classes, and everybody yelled “yay”. Then I realised my mistake and the other teacher walked in and they all said “aaaahh”. I was a bit embarassed for her sake, but really pleased otherwise! I really like how adaptable many of your games are for different language.

Also, I can use the same game with different age levels and language structures, and they work equally well.

This teacher prefers to be anonymous so as not to hurt the other teacher’s feelings

She saw a change in her pupils behaviour, even the problematic ones!

After purchasing and using the English Language Games for Children, I see a big difference in my group of 6 year olds. We played our new games I truly saw a a change in their behaviour. They participated and were very excited, even the boys that I had problems with. Now at every lesson they ask: What new game are we going to play today?

Sylvia Karagiannis, Athens, Greece

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Be closer to your students and be a better teacher

This teacher created a closer bond with her students!

You know in my country, cause of the culture, teachers and learners often have a very long distance with each other. And I realised that English games using in my lecture make our relationship become closer and better, and of course, I am very pleased for that.

Phuong Thuy, Hanoi, Vietnam

Fun with large classes

I just wanted to tell you about my great success with the games! I am so glad I bought that book and the large class variants are especially useful. The games are so much fun!

Liz Clayton, Bangkok, Thailand

This teacher notes how adaptable the games are!

Your games are such great fun and adaptable for all ages. The kids enjoy them immensely. They are the perfect fit for my students and my style of teaching.

Dominique Guihenneuc Italy

This teacher has changed the way she feels about teaching now

I really am so glad I found your stuff…it has completely changed the way I feel about teaching now. Before it was something I had always stressed over….the planning, that is….although I am both Celta and PGCE qualified I still found myself very stressed until every lesson was planned…which could take for ever.

Since discovering your materials I sit down to enjoy the planning…and love the teaching. It uses the fun approach I believe in through the theatre work I have done, and you have given me the confidence to know it can be applied to language learning for this age group.

The kids love it and so do the parents!

Joanna Simm, France

This teacher enjoys her lessons more!

Although I only bought your book on Monday, and today is Wednesday, I want you to know how valuable I have found it to be. I have used a couple of the games in school already and the children loved them. Equally importantly, they were learning and reviewing their English at the same time. Can I admit that I also enjoyed my lessons more?

Gila Goldberg, Jerusalem, Israel.

The kids love it!

Firstly I should say how fantastic I think the ebook and resources are, I use them for every lesson and the kids love it, when I arrive for the class they are clamouring to know what games they will be playing this time…

Claire Wilding Teaching in Spain

Well done to this teacher for her Instant Results!

I bought your e-book with the flashcards and lesson plans as bonuses just a few days ago. I used several of your games in class on Friday and was delighted at how my students responded – they were interested, engaged and responsive for the whole hour. When I announced it was time to go home they all said how fast the class had gone, they even said they want to do 1.5 hours from now on!

Many thanks for these great ideas and excellent material – I’m looking forward to class as much as my students!

Katy Reay

This teacher enjoys being a “guru” for others now!

I finally succeeded in checking the material. They are amazing and interesting as well. They can really make a revolution in my lessons as I see the surprise on the teachers faces. I enjoy impressing them. Also the big confidence I have when I am using your games that even some other teachers adapt them in their classes. Thanks a lot again Shelley, I appreciate your ideas. They are WONDERFUL!

Rami, China, 2006

It’s a great resource for teachers who have just qualified too!

I am finding your book fascinating. I have just completed my TEFL training course and started applying for jobs here in France and I am so glad I stumbled across your ebook!

Jane Burnham-Airey, France

This teacher found the games helped with her class of 60!

I teach in China in a small city and my class sizes are 60 plus students. I teach 1st through 6th grade. Before, I gave out lollipops as rewards for being quiet and responding. But this Monday I used your game of clapping and having them tell you the number and it worked wonderful, better in one class then the other but I didn’t have to give out lollipops which was a big change and I wasn’t always telling them to sit and be quiet. I look forward to using the other information and games.

Susan Dickinson, teaching in China

Easy to understand and perform

I don’t know how to express my gratefulness. The large class games have been really useful for my teaching. We often have about 50 students per class. Sometime it makes me confused to keep whole class in control. I found your games simple to understand, easy to perform and very useful for target language.

Phuong Thuy, Vietnam

The games help students with learning difficulties!

My daughter Aurore has learning difficulties and since coming to your classes she has gained in confidence and has improved in all subjects at school.

Mrs J. Brown, Canterbury, Kent, UK

She found the answer to her boring textbooks!

Thank you for writing this book. I have been teaching English in South Korea for one month now. I had been at a total loss for how to teach the young students. The school has textbooks that we fly through and are not very interesting. The students seem bored and always want to play Uno instead of study English. Everyday has been exhausting as I try to figure out a way to both educate and entertain the students.

Today I worked harder than most of my previous days, but I had fun and I was excited about the games we were playing, because I knew they were fun and educational. The kids liked them and I went home feeling like there is a chance I can thrive teaching and not just survive.

Thank you so much, you have given me more than hope, you have provided an answer to my big question: How do I teach?

Jovita McCleod, South Korea

She earned the respect of her pupils!

Last time when I was playing one of your games I heard one my pupils say to another: This is the best teacher in our school. Before I used your games, my pupils didn’t like my courses, but now, when I get into the classroom they greet me with a nice smile, and when we have break , they come to see me and talk to me with what I taught them.

Naima Chraa, Morocco

He is now excited about English teaching!

Brilliant!!! It is amazing how many games you can use in just one lesson. I can’t believe I am actually excited about starting with the new unit. To be honest I am extremely happy with these ideas. I haven’t stopped recieving compliments on my teaching in the last week….

Fº Javier Marín Millán, Spain

The games are transformational for homeless children living on the street.

For my experiece, street children cannot sit down for 40 minutes and concentrate on the text books or on the blackboard or listening to the teacher, because their life on the street mostly is to roam here and there almost whole day. But after trying your games we found that the children like them very much as they keep them fun and enjoying the whole 40 minutes and demanding to continue beyond the time set. The children were enthusiastic and motivated to participate fully. After the session I asked them how they felt about the games. They said, “Really great.”

Teachers form other classes also shared with me what had happen in their classes. They appreciate your games and said that you deserve congratulations.

Amani Masuki, Mkombozi Center, Tanzania

Excellent customer service from Teaching English Games

Your customer service is excellent. I’m glad I made the purchase. It has been well worth it already, and I’ve only scratched the surface.

Nick Harrison, Tapei, Taiwan

Not much preparation time needed and easy for the children to understand

First of all let me thank you for your games. I have tried some of them and I must say they worked very well. My students were really enthusiastic. I find them quite usefull in they since that there’s no much time needed for preparation and the rules are easy for the students to understand and follow. Also, I have learnt a lot from your class management notes, you are a real expert on teaching.

Angel Huerga Garcia, Spain

Simple and effective and a bargain!

What wonderful material you’ve got in your e-book! I’ve got a rich stock of flash cards too but you’ve got some incredibly charming ones there. And the games are simple and so effective. I started with prepositions and just did the very first one and the kids went crazy. But they didn’t want me to keep a score because they didn’t want to run the risk of losing! Once again many thanks! Never had such a bargain before!

Hana Quin, a Czechoslovakian teaching in Greece

Their grades excel and even their attitude is improved!

I need to tell you that your games make my classes come alive. Children can’t wait to have another session of their English lesson. Some of them come by bike or walk for 1/2hour just because they can’t afford to pay transportation. These village children are speaking English and even their parents couldn’t believe that their children are capable of speaking an International language that they even can’t understand. Their grades at school excel and even their attitude is improved because I always ask them to stick to the game rules. Thank you

ESL Games help unpredicatable supply teaching

As a supply teacher I’ve been sent to kindergartens, high schools and primary schools and taken on all age levels. It’s a lot of fun but requires alot of improvising, as very often I find myself without any sort of a lesson plan to follow and no idea what level the students are at. Your games and flashcards have been an enormous help. They are wonderful! The students that I have worked with before already know that if they are quiet and co-operative during the lesson, a game will follow.

Supply teaching is very unpredictable and your games and ideas make it so much fun!

Bianca Thaens, Sweden

Book comes to the rescue and helps with teaching exam

Dear Shelley, Yes indeed I bought the book quite some time ago and it really did come to my rescue especially when I had to prepare really good lessons for the class inspections I had in order to pass an exam called “Second Degree”. The kids love the games, there’s never a dull moment in my classes, so you see why I would have really hated losing the book.

Mirela Ciutacu, Romania

The children are learning better and paying more attention

Dear Shelley, I would like to say thank you very much for all the superb materials you sent me! I put them into practice and what I can say is that they really work!!!!!!!!!! These games move everybody. The smart children are very fond of them. But in the same time the slower students and even those with learning difficulties are so enthusiastic. Each time I enter the class they ask “Are we going to play that game..?”

The school worksheets and books are good but when I come up with your games …they just learn the words and use English, they do it. Before, I noticed some of my students were really afraid to speak. Now they speak freely and this is an excellent result!!!!!!!!! There was a time when I was upset because some of my students were quiet but not really paying attention.Their thoughts were somewhere else. But now they just learn everything and don’t struggle.

Ileana Bors, Romania

She wanted to run out of the classes crying!

A month ago I started teaching Elementary and literally wanted to give up and run out of the classes crying after the first 2 weeks! Then I purchased your ESL games for Elementary and tried the lesson plan for the Alphabet- they loved it! Everyone participated during the whole class and it was a huge success, especially with my IMPOSSIBLE group of 10, 4th grade boys – they had so much fun! Thanks again for your excellent work.

Courtney Elizabeth Clay Costa Rica Educational Programs

It’s more fun for this teacher now, and the kids love it too

I’d like to thank you again for your “Teaching english games”. My elementary school students just love English class now. I often get at least one student who comes to see me at the end of class just to say “J’adore l’anglais”. It’s more fun for me now too. I’m so glad that I found your website!!

Christi Bishop Vergez, France

Lesson plans are easier now for Nina and the ESL games really work

Dear Shelley, Let me tell you, Your book is amazing ! Your games are such great fun and adaptable for all ages!!!!! I teach kids between 5-8. They are the perfect fit for my students and my style of teaching, thank you very much ! I make learning FUN ! Thanks to your book I prepare my lesson plans really easily! I used to invent some game-lesson ideas but after I found your book it is easier to write down the lesson plan. Children playing games does not realize they are studing something, they are just having fun and it really works!

Nina Gogsadze, Rome, Italy

“The games have made my life so much more fun and less stressful.”

I had been teaching English for adults for more than 12 years before I decided to suddenly change age groups…and go straight to kids aged 1-6. Huge change. The games that I ordered back in May have helped me enormously and have made my life as a pre-school EFL teacher so much more fun and of course less stressful.

Johanna Lukacs

“It’s a really big help to open your books.”

I’ve just tested out your ballon-game this week (throw up a ballon and shout a thematic word or phrase) – with great success, of course! And using a feather in front of your mouth for phonics exercises – loads of fun! It’s a really big help to open your books…Thanks and all the best!

Anne-May in Pézenas, France

Quality at a good price

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I wish I had known about your teaching material years ago – it would have saved me hours and hours of searching and creating! I am so happy that there are people like you out there offering quality at a good price plus the sincere desire to make their customers happy. It’s people like you that make the world a brighter place – please hold on to your enthusiasm!

Greetings from snowy Bavaria, Suzi Ramljak

“Made my life so much easier”

Your book English Language Games for Children has made my life so much easier. I’m teaching very lively, rambunctious Czech children in and outside of Prague (gorgeous city!) ages 6 to 10, and your games have been a life saver. The kids are having so much fun!

Richard C. Prague, Czech Republic

More relaxed and confident

Your games and skits really help a great deal, especially with children and I am becoming more relaxed and confident each day. And it’s great to see students learning while enjoying themselves. I’m really grateful I came across your website! It happened the moment I finally decided that teaching is the thing i want to do.

Thanks a lot and best wishes from Slovenia! Lidija Zager

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