Make your job easy and fun with these cute stories and preschool teaching kit

Low prep, fun teaching kit with stories, lesson plans, games, flashcards, variety, and PowerPoints.

ESL Preschool Stories 11-20 Teaching Kit + PowerPoints

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Make your job easy and fun!

Teachers, save time with these cute ESL preschool stories, thanks to the lesson plans and supporting materials

These ESL Kindergarten Stories are full of interactive playful ideas created in a natural learning context. The lesson plans make teaching easy and fun for you, and your young learners.


a. *10* ESL preschool stories with colour illustrations.
b. *66* colour flashcards.
c. Detailed Step by Step Lesson Plans
d. Simple, repetitive texts, suitable for complete beginners
e. Printable Bingo cards, craft ideas, and BW pictures for colouring
f. *10* PowerPoints with audio by native speakers.


10 Original stories in riveting narrative with vibrant illustrations. The key vocabulary themes are; family, rooms of the house, clothing, body parts, animals, action verbs, and many common useful words and phrases. This curriculum leads to the European A1 certification (and equivalents).

Extra vocabulary in each story for children more advanced in understanding English

Stories are progressive, building on vocabulary previously learned, with revision cleverly mingled in new themes

Download this PDF for an Summary of this Fun Curriculum

PowerPoint Story Sample

Taking the hard work out of preparing lessons! 

It’s great to have this material for little ones as, although I’ve done a lot of research on the web, I couldn’t find anything so well set out as your lessons. I am teaching children from 3 to 10 yrs old near Treviso, Italy and I must say that this material is taking a lot of the hard work out of preparing lessons!

Anne Chambers, Treviso, Italy

So please download your 10 kindergarten stories with lesson plans and flashcards right away.

Would you prefer paperbacks?

The two paperbacks below are the equivalent of Preschool Stories 11-20

Amazon links: book 3 and book 4



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