Songs 2 (audio + video + karaoke + masks)

Teaching English Songs 2

Original, catchy songs in different musical styles. Repetitive lyrics to match my ESL Preschool Stories (11-20)  in preparation for the Cambridge ESOL YLE exams and similar.

– 15 songs  – full audio + karaoke tracks
– 14 masks of characters for role-plays
– 14 basic song movie PowerPoints


15 ESL songs for young children


15 songs, 15 backing tracks for karaoke, song PowerPoints, and 14 masks.

Use with stories 11-20 or alone.

Fourteen Masks Included with the Songs


Song extracts and language covered

ESL Song 1  Father Frog

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  Family members, hot sun and cool water, jump into the pond and swim (Goes with “Frog Family” story eleven)

ESL Song 2  Cowboys and Indians

Vocabulary and language:Original song.  Cowboys and Indians are fighting in different rooms of the house but really they are friends (“Cowboys and Indians” story twelve)

ESL Song 3  The Train is Coming

Vocabulary and language: Well known tune.  Archie’s train goes through all the rooms of the house, great sound effects (Goes with story thirteen)

ESL Song 4  Cat and Mouse

Vocabulary and langauge: Original song. The cat and mouse run around the house, through the different rooms and go to sleep at the end. (“Cat and Mouse” story fourteen)

ESL Song 4b

Extra download  Cat and Mouse – Slow Training Version

This is a slow spoken version with sound effects as the cat and the mouse scamper about the house.

ESL Song 5  We Live On The Beach

Vocabulary and language: Renaissance song – a bit different so the children discover other styles of music.  The song tells some of story fifteen about living on the beach, in the desert, in a field.

ESL Song 6  Dark Is The Night

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  The night is dark and the farm animals are asleep, but in the moonlight the little field mice are playing. (“Farm” story sixteen)

ESL Song 7  Old MacDonald

Vocabulary and language: Well known tune.  To go with vocab covered in “Farm” story along with song 6.  It’s quite fast so build up to this speed for singing along and use it as background for games to brighten up the class.

ESL Song 8  Here Comes Thomas

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  Thomas is walking along the path and falls over and hurts different body parts – he needs bandages on all of them (Story seventeen, “Thomas”)

ESL Song 9  A Bandage On My Tail

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  The animals are playing and each put a bandage on a different body part (Story eighteen, “Bandages”)

ESL Song 10  The Yokey Cokey

Vocabulary and language: Well known song.  Body parts and well known action song.

ESL Song 11  Who Will Put the Hat On?

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  This is a dressing up song.  The children have to put on the item of clothing in the time allowed.  Using the karaoke version allows you to practise with different items of clothing.  (Stories nineteen and twenty)

ESL Song 12  Grown Up Now

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  You are hiding in your parent’s bedroom and dressing up in mother and father’s clothes so you look grown up. (story nineteen)

ESL Song 13  The Princess and the Pirate

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  The cat wants to become a pirate and the mouse wants to become a princess.  So they dress up in the clothes the fairy gives them.  If you don’t like fairies it can be a person! (Story twenty)

Use the backing version for ANY vocabulary!

ESL Song 14  Colours of the World

Vocabulary and language: Original song.  Revises colours from earlier stories.

ESL Song 15  Angels

Vocabulary and language: Original song. A sweet song about angels.  Good for your/his/her and present tense  You can’t hear them, he can’t hear them, she can’t hear them.  You know, he knows, she knows.


MP3 or CD?

If you would like the CD by post, do get in touch via the contact page.  If you would like the download version, you will receive it right away on ordering. Any problems, I’m here to help!

Yours sincerely

Shelley Ann Vernon

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