Teaching English Songs 3

Celebrating Special Days in the Year

Use alone or with the stories for special days. Catchy and fun for all kids. Different musical styles.

Masks to decorate and wear during games.

Please listen to the songs in the description below.

Songs 3 (audio + karaoke + masks)


Teaching English Songs 3

This set of original English songs for teaching children celebrates special days in the year. Use alone or with the matching Special Days stories teaching kit.


Through this celebration of special days in the year, preschool and primary children discover cultural aspects of the English speaking world! Songs 3 are suitable for beginners, and include vocabulary needed for the A1 CERFA level. Use these songs to teach useful vocabulary and grammar, as well as  internationally famous days, such as Valentines.

The ten themes are: birthdays, halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, groundhog day,  valentines,  Easter, (bunny not religious,) April fools’, mother’s day and summer holidays.

Have a listen!

ESL Song 1 Christmas Day

Tells part of the story where Hetty wakes up excited and there are presents under the tree. This first song is quite complex, because I got carried away with the musical composition, so do scroll and listen to more!

ESL Song 2 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time for love, a time to give and to give thanks.

ESL Song 3 April Fools

I put salt in your cornflakes, this song follows the April fools’ story exactly.

ESL Song 4 Happy Birthday

The classic birthday song known in many countries around the world in two speeds.

ESL Song 5 Halloween

For one night of the year we are scary monsters and witches! Halloween! This track benefits from half-decent speakers to hear the sounds effects.

ESL Song 6 Wake Up Sleepy

Sleepy the ground hog does not want to get up after his long winter sleep. Sleepy’s sisters tease him, saying that he is afraid of his shadow. The importance of a shadow is part of Groundhog day tradition, and it is explained in the story.

ESL Song 7 Seven Seas

Geography through song and a story as Pete the Pirate sails the seas looking for his Valentine.

ESL Song 8 Jolly Sailor

Pete’s Parrot is called Sailor.  Sometimes he is happy and sometimes he is sad, and the story shows why.

ESL Song 9 Hop Bunny Hop

The Easter bunny goes out to deliver Easter eggs to the boys and girls who have been good.

ESL Song 10 Hot Cross Buns

The classic tune and words for Hot Cross Buns, which are an Easter tradition.

ESL Song 11 Little Indians?

Easy counting song, can be used any time and with the Summer Holiday story. Summer holiday has two girls on a canoe outing, like native American Indians!

ESL Song 12 Tiny the Turkey

The turkey starring in this song is called “Tiny”.  We find out, however, that he is not so tiny after all!

ESL Song 13 Mother’s Day

Anna tries to give her mother’s day card to her mum, who is too busy.

ESL Song 14 Summer Holiday

Very easy song to clap to and sing along.

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Super Bonus

15 Masks of song characters

Yours sincerely, Shelley Ann Vernon, Teaching English Games


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