Watch your pupils become spellbound with these TEN super stories

Minimum preparation for you, the teacher thanks to the lesson plans and supporting materials

a. *139* colour story illustrations.
b. *96* colour flashcards. Colouring in B&W.
c. Detailed Step by Step Lesson Plans
d. Two levels of story texts
e. Printable Bingo cards, craft ideas, and colouring
f. *10* PowerPoints by native speakers.

Special Days Stories Teaching Kit + PowerPoints

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TEN super stories for special days

*139* colour illustrations and all supporting materials


ESL and EFL teachers save on preparation time with this teaching kit for special days.

Teach with games, variety and movement, thanks to the Lesson Plans and supporting materials.

You may have noticed that if you expect young pupils to sit still and listen to you while you show them flashcards, you will not have their attention for long. So, enjoy watching your pupils suddenly become spell-bound as they listen to these 10 original stories with vibrant illustrations!



a. *139* colour story illustrations.
b. *96* colour flashcards. Colouring in B&W.
c. Detailed Step by Step Lesson Plans with Games and story activities
d. Two levels of story texts
e. Printable Bingo cards for each story
f. Craft Ideas
g. Black and White pictures for colouring
h. *10* PowerPoints with audio by native speakers.


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Use alone or as a sequel to Preschool Teaching Kits 1 & 2.

Learn about cultural days and myths of the English-speaking world – essential knowledge for students who will go abroad and use their English later in life.

Told in simple narrative and dialogue, this curriculum covers the 500 most common words in English.  These stories are ideal for beginners.  leading to the European A1 certification (and equivalents).

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Fun, Effective Learning Guaranteed


“Just wanted to say that since I started using your material and ideas 3 or 4 years ago, the kids who started with me with stories 1-10 are now really enjoying your stories for special days, especially (and I have to admit, to my surprise!) the songs. Although it is still very much summer here, the kids loved the groundhog story, and ADORE the song!

This morning even the 7-8 year olds were hopping round like bunnies to the Easter bunny song. A week or so ago I thought it was going to be impossible to teach them ALL the prepositions from the Easter story, but they know most of them already!

Inge Willems, Ingles Brincando, Brazil


Formats available


So please download your massive stories teaching kit now, on this page right here. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Or get the paperbacks. This series of ten stories is covered in two paperbacks on Amazon – Book 5 and Book 6. The paperbacks contain the story texts and illustrations. The lesson plans and flashcards are included as downloads.

(If you use these links I will earn a little more royalty, so thank you, but you can order them from your local bookstore.) Please drop me a line if you can’t find them on your local Amazon.

ESL Stories Language Preview

1. Birthday Story

Shapes, present tense.  Friends arrive at the birthday party with mysterious shapes.  What are they for?  Ah ha! It’s a surprise…>

2. Halloween Story

Halloween vocabulary, simple past verbs.  A tale of trick or treat and sharing.

3. Thanksgiving Story

Comparatives and simple past.  Herbie has a pet turkey to save from the cooking pot on Thanksgiving.  (He does save it!)

4. Christmas Story

A typical English Christmas and Christmas vocabulary including the dreaded brussel sprouts and Father Christmas.

5. Groundhog Day Story

Common verbs for the morning routine.  Sleepy the Groundhog wakes up after the long winter and it’s time to go outside, but he doesn’t want to get up.

6. Valentines’ Day Story

A fun tale of romance for Pete the Pirate with a geography lesson thrown in and more on the simple past.

7. Easter Bunny Story

Prepositions, present and simple past tenses.  Other tenses appearing are future and past perfect.  The Easter bunny has some eggs to deliver to the boys and girls who have been good.

8. April Fools’ Story

Naughty April Fools’ tricks.  A favorite.

9. Mothers’ Day Story

Present perfect.  Anna has made a mother’s day card but mum is too busy to look at it because the family members have all lost things they need to get dressed.  These missing items show up in a surprise location.

10. Summer Holiday Story

Simple past, past continuous and conditional.  Summer holiday adventure on a lake with treasure, mermaids and a hungry crocodile.

So please download your massive stories teaching kit now, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Or get the paperbacks – Book 5 and Book 6.


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