Teach Your Child English.

ESL tutoring is a lot easier, and more fun, with these language games for parents and private tutors.

Teach and revise new vocabulary and grammar in fun and varied ways.

Practise short conversations, learn to understand, speak, spell and read.

Enjoy the three demo lessons on video to watch this fun teaching method in action.

Teach Your Child English

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Teach your child English with these Fun One to One ESL Games

A great toolbox for tutors and parents

Secure a positive relationship with your student or child playing these delightful games, and watch your efforts rewarded.


  • 143 Tried and tested games to suit all levels from ages 4 to 12
  • Demonstration videos of 2 full lessons and 1 hour of games
  • Each game carefully categorized into speaking, listening and pace to help consolidate or revise without being boring
  • Materials and Tips outlined for each game, with suggestions on variation to suit level
  • 6 Step Quick Start Guide to walk you through good preparation

Enjoy the useful free bonus


Videos free access of 2 full lessons and over 1 hour of games demonstrated to help you get started

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