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Kindergarten Classroom Management

Kindergarten classroom management can be tricky, even if they are only three years old! To begin, here is a teacher’s question on managing her mixed-age classroom, which is not an easy task. The Challenge ‘In one class, I have eight children—six of age five and two of age three. Unfortunately, the 3-year-olds distract the rest …

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Theatre for teens

Proposing to learn English using theatre for teens could be tricky since they are often preoccupied with being cool in front of their peers. However, having your teen students make up their own short play to keep them interested can be fun and creative. At least that way, if it is uncool and boring, they …

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ESL worksheets for kindergarten

Thanks to teacher requests, I have created ESL worksheets for kindergarten to match Preschool Stories 1-10.  This fun book is for ages four to six. Some worksheets are colouring and counting, and others involve copying words. Visit this page for samples and get the workbooks in download. You may print the sheets you need as …

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Reading fluency activities

An experienced ESL teacher asked me for reading fluency activities. So she asked: ‘I am preparing a lesson on accurately reading words, sentences and phrases out loud. My pupils are 14 years old. What reading fluency activities can you recommend for this?’ This question isn’t only about reading fluency; it is also about speaking fluency …

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One-to-one lesson solutions

At some time in their career, many teachers experience teaching one-to-one lessons. They sometimes find this situation very different and more challenging than teaching a class. With this in mind, a teacher wrote to me last week for help preparing a one-to-one lesson. They had some problems, including added pressure from the student’s parents. Let’s …

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Easy games to teach tenses

Get suggestions and example games to teach tenses from this blog. Help your students understand, learn and memorize tenses and use them correctly.

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Conversation topics for teens

One key to having students relate to your lesson is to pick good conversation topics for teens. However, a relevant issue might not necessarily be one that you find interesting! For example, choosing a university or further education path might be a suitable topic. That said, please remember to include trades, creative arts, and further …

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