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child aiming at vocabulary flashcards

This post shows you how to teach new vocabulary one-to-one with the game Aim and Throw. Play it to reinforce new vocabulary after using Jump the Line.  Alternatively, use it any time for revision. Even though this game is super simple, kids love it, while the repetition means they learn new vocabulary and grammar while enjoying themselves.

The game is in the demonstration video for how to teach a child to speak English, where Anna and I aim at vocabulary flashcards with a rolled-up pair of socks. 

How to play

First, display vocabulary cards and then name them in turn. Then, let your pupil aim and throw the missile, which must land on or land touching the card.

To use this as a speaking game, the pupil names the item you must hit. Then, you and the pupil take turns aiming.

It is so easy to teach new vocabulary with this game that there’s no excuse not to get started if you haven’t already!


To make it easier for your pupil to score points, pick pictures that are close to them. Inversely, your pupil will likely pick ones that are far away for you to hit!

Of course, make sure your pupil wins anyway – it’s pretty easy to miss deliberately.

Optionally, vary the game by playing with objects instead of pictures, but make sure they are not breakable.


For pictures, you and your pupil can draw them, or cut them out of magazines. Alternatively, get my colourful set with an addictive vocabulary game.

Get the complete book on how to teach new vocabulary one-on-one. It has 140 language games to make lessons fun and over two hours of video lessons to make your child bilingual!  Check out the book here in instant download from Shelley, or paperback.

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