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The Frog Family is part of a series of story PowerPoints to teach preschool children English as a second language. You’ll receive a free PowerPoint for family, with audio by native speakers on this page. ESL teachers may use it with my family story teaching kit, including flashcards and a lesson plan with games. So have a blast teaching your preschoolers family members with the frog family!

This story is part of a series of ten, and full details are here: ESL Preschool Stories 11-20

Who are they for?

These PowerPoint stories are for ESL teachers at kindergarten or parents at home, teaching their children English. The prime target age group is 3 to 6 but, if you have the lesson plans, older primary classes enjoy it as well, thanks to all the fun activities.

The level is for beginners. Vocabulary covered is; family members, hot, cold, jump in and swim. The structure is repetitive to make learning easier.

How to use them

Use these short story PowerPoints as a stand-alone show for the classroom. Additionally, teach the stories with my complete teaching kit, which is available separately. The kits contain lesson plans, flashcards, two levels of story texts, colouring, and bingo.

These PowerPoints will help you and your pupils in many ways.

– They allow you to follow a logical curriculum for beginners of English without worrying about what you should be teaching. Common vocabulary themes are greetings and animals, colours, numbers, action verbs, clothing, family members, body parts, rooms of the house, and other basic themes.

– The PowerPoints will give VARIETY to your lessons and stimulate visual learners.

– They help students understand the story, and pupils may also read and see spelling.

– Students learn because the story texts are deliberately repetitive.

– Use them to revise the story if you are using the complete teaching kit.

– Take a breather, and prepare your next move while your pupils are mesmerized watching!

Free preschool story for family PowerPoint

Here is your FREE PowerPoint story to introduce family members.

11. The Frog Family
If you cannot view this video on Vimeo, which is blocked in China, do let me know.


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