Funny skit ideas

kids learning English through drama in Taiwan acting a tea party skit

Watch this two-minute video of funny skit ideas from Shelley Ann Vernon’s fun role-plays and skits and see how kids learn English with drama for yourself!

Benefits of learning English with fun skits!

1. Kids love it. In the video, you can see how much kids are enjoying learning English.

2. Pupils know all the lines by heart! Students don’t spend the lesson turning the pages of a coursebook. Get away from the sedentary lessons where children sit at desks for the entire lesson, which is unnatural and unhealthy. The results will be better not worse because using skits puts and end to passive learning.

3. All kids participate, even the shy ones. Instead o f the teacher doing all the talking, kids actively participate in the lesson. They spend class time speaking English rather than doing worksheets or copying vocabulary, which are helpful activities but are better done at home.

4. You can be sure they’ll remember this vocabulary and grammar in the future.

Great resources for funny skit ideas

Buy 30 fun plays and skits here for simple, repetitive English to help your pupils learn!


More tips and help

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4 thoughts on “Funny skit ideas”

  1. Wow, its so lovely and cute! Thanks Ms Shelly for sharing this video and skits, full of ideas and diversity. Thank you

    1. Hello there Abigail,

      How are you doing? I saw your comment on one of my blogs.
      I’m sorry the idea of using a skit did not work – maybe your students were not at a high enough level, what do you think?

      If you tell me more about your classes, their age, level and how many you have, I could see if I have something helpful for you to try.

      Speak soon!

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