A short story for family

a family of frogs around a pond

The following short story for family is a gift. On this page you’ll receive a free story and lesson plan to teach family members. This resource is ideal for teaching children aged 3 to 6 English as a foreign or second language.


– A cute short story for family members, hot, cold and some action verbs.

– Lesson plan with games to prepare

– Fun ideas to use during story-telling

– Revision games and activities

– The flashcards for family vocabulary are included when you buy the full resource.


Your free short story for family




Reviews from kindergarten teachers

It’s great to have this material for little ones as although I’ve done a lot of research on the web, I couldn’t find anything so well set out as your lessons. I am teaching children from 3 to 10 yrs old near Treviso, Italy and I must say that this material is taking a lot of the hard work out of preparing lessons!

Anne Chambers, Treviso, Italy


Get the full story teaching kit

The Frog Family is part of a series of ten stories. Each one has a lesson plan with games, and flashcards. The full teaching kit can last for as much as a full year of fun teaching English at kindergarten, depending on how often you see the children.

Frog family song

Please follow this link to receive the matching song for this story. Masks of all family members are included with the full resource!

I’m here to help if you need me, please feel free to ask, or write your questions in the comments below.

All the best,

Shelley Ann Vernon, Teaching English Games

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  1. Excellent. I’ve purchased many of your products. You are the most prolific and inspirational provider of teaching materials. Makes my work soooo much easier and more enjoyable for all.

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