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private English tutor with child

How to tutor a child

Teaching English as a private tutor has challenges. Here is a query on how to tutor a child: “I’ve just started as a private tutor to an 8-year-old boy. His mum said he knew a lot of advanced grammar and vocabulary for his age and should improve his speaking skills. She expects her son to …

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child aiming at vocabulary flashcards

How to teach new vocabulary

This post shows you how to teach new vocabulary one-to-one with the game Aim and Throw. Play it to reinforce new vocabulary after using Jump the Line.  Alternatively, use it any time for revision. Even though this game is super simple, kids love it, while the repetition means they learn new vocabulary and grammar while …

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Child jumping onto pictures either side of a rope

One-to-One Vocabulary Game

This one-to-one vocabulary game is ultra-simple. As a listening game, it’s useful for introducing new vocabulary. This game is perfect for kids as it engages them physically. In addition, It’s ideal for shy students because there is no need for the pupil to speak any English to play. Jump the Line Jump the Line is …

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help a child learn fast through games

Help a child learn English fast

Recently a private tutor asked me how best to help a child learn English fast. The situation was urgent because this tutor taught English to children in hospital individually. One of his pupils was 18 and had been fighting a dreadful disease all his life. This child had learned almost perfect English with a beautiful …

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13-year-old falling behind in school

Falling behind in school

What can we do when our child is falling behind in school? A distraught parent, who is also an English teacher, asked me what she could do to help her 13-year-old son from being kept down a grade. One could undoubtedly write several books on this topic, but here are some initial steps to try. …

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father and son playing with cars

One-to-one lesson solutions

At some time in their career, many teachers experience teaching one-to-one lessons. They sometimes find this situation very different and more challenging than teaching a class. With this in mind, a teacher wrote to me last week for help preparing a one-to-one lesson. They had some problems, including added pressure from the student’s parents. Let’s …

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