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How to teach English to beginners ABC

How to teach English to beginners

Learn how to teach English to beginners of different ages and personalities. English teachers often come across the situation where there are mixed ages, abilities and interests in the classroom. Typically, private tutors are called upon to teach siblings, or groups of friends. For example, a teacher was tutoring a younger girl, who loved pink …

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Teaching one-to-one

On the ESL help forums, one often sees teachers asking for help teaching one-to-one. Unfortunately, many teachers suffer when teaching children English individually, which is a shame because teaching one-to-one can be very rewarding and often a good source of extra income.   This article is broadly divided into four parts as follows:   1. …

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kids acting four skits by shelley ann vernon

ESL role plays for children

ESL role plays are for you if you teach small groups or one-to-one lessons!   On this page: Discover tips and insights into using plays for ESL and EFL, and get a free ESL play script to use in your next class.   If you’ve already got our popular classroom games pack, you’ll have plenty of ammunition for …

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how to be an English tutor angel thinking

How to be an English tutor

This post has valuable tips on how to be an English tutor. Teaching your child or tutoring your pupil to learn English is an excellent idea in today’s world where English is becoming increasingly THE language through which diverse cultures communicate. So if you speak English, don’t let that precious gift go to waste. Instead, …

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home tutoring private tuition games book cover

Home tutoring Reviews

If you are home tutoring or teaching English face to face, this post is for you. Hear from tutors and parents around the world teaching English with Shelley Ann Vernon’s “Teach Your Child English.” Thanks to all the teachers who write in to me, and also to those who leave reviews for my paperbacks on …

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ESL tutoring game Find the Pairs

ESL Tutoring Games

For owners of Teach Your Child English This video is private, for owners of my ESL Tutoring games book “Teach Your Child English.” Watch Shelley teaching Julie using English tutoring games. Shelley tutors Julie with a variety of games to show you how versatile they are and how easy they are to use. With a …

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middle school kids drawing, singing and teens acting

English for middle school

How to help a middle school student learn English quickly Here are some ideas for the challenge of teaching English for middle school children. Here is a typical teaching problem English for middle school case study: A bright 11-year-old girl is studying English at middle school and has one private lesson per week. She picks …

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