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phrasal verbs look up and look down

Teaching phrasal verbs

The other day a colleague asked me about teaching phrasal verbs to her small class of 12-year-old students. I would like to share the following lesson plan with you. First though, if you are wondering why the post picture has men hiking in the mountains, you’ll find out later on! Grammar It’s personal, but I’m …

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ESL writing game boy running with pencil

ESL Writing Game

Easy, fun ESL writing game for grammar or vocabulary Here’s an easy ESL writing game for all ages; it’s great for grammar and spelling. And, it’s ideal for beginner to intermediate students learning English. Class size: This game is suitable for any number of pupils from only one to about thirty. You need some room …

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bunny hiding chocolate easter egg to teach prepositions

ESL preposition games

Here are some fun ESL preposition games for young learners.  These games come from this story kit, complete with lesson plans, flashcards, and songs for kids learning English. ESL preposition game 1 Introduce prepositions with objects and the body   The best way to teach prepositions is by using the body to demonstrate them.  Here are …

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verb to be lesson plan with professions

Verb to be lesson plan

A verb to be lesson plan made of games Use this verb to be lesson plan for the present tense of ‘to be’ and professions vocabulary. This plan is adaptable for one-to-one and groups, whether lessons be online or face to face. Preparation Choose six professions that appeal to your pupils. You might prefer to …

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secondary students

The Best English Grammar Games

Teaching teens English grammar can be challenging. This blog shows you how to motivate and engage secondary students learning English as a second language.

ESL vocabulary game

A fun speaking skills game to practise any vocabulary or grammar. Great to reinforce and revise vocab and language. Good for questions and short phrases.